Arkansas Blue Star - Amsonia hubrichtii

Arkansas Blue Star - Amsonia hubrichtii

Attracted Pollinators: Butterflies

Duration: Perennial

Size: 24-36" high; 24-36" spread

Growing Conditions:

- Light Exposure: full sun to partial shade

- Water Use: moderate

- Soil: neutral pH, moderately moist, well drained, tolerant of poor soil content

The arkansas blue star has a fairly small natural range, existing primarily in the Ouachita Mountains in central Arkansas. Growing in large dense bushes, the Blue Star has long, thin, branching leaves with when amassed result in a feathery texture, and which eventually fade from light green to a vivid golden color with the onset of fall. The characteristic blue, star-shaped flowers bloom in loose bunches on the bush during the months of April and May.