Mountain Laurel - Kalmia latifolia

Mountain Laurel -
Kalmia latifolia

Attracted Pollinators: Bees

Duration: Perennial

Size: 5-15 feet high; 5-15 feet spread

Growing Conditions:

- Light Exposure: Partial Shade

- Water Use: Moderate

- Soil: acidic (>6.5), moist, cool, well drained
The mountain laurel is a dense, evergreen shrub native to the eastern United States and proliferates in a variety of habitats. Its dense clusters of light pink, cup-shaped flowers bloom in mid to late spring, giving was to small brown fried persisting into the winter.. Given adequate space and time, the mountain laurel can even grow to become a small tree of up to 30' in height. Its oblong, pointed leaves are two toned: evergreen on top and yellow beneath.