Red Twig Dogwood - Cornus sericea

Attracted Pollinators: Birds and Butterflies

Durations: Perennial

Size: 6-9 feet high, 8-12 feet spread

Growing Conditions:

- Light Exposure: full sun to partial shade

- Water Use: wet to moderate

- Soil: neutral pH, very moist, well drained,

organically rich and fertile soil

The red twig dogwood is a deciduous shrub native throughout the northern reaches of North America, thriving in wet, swampy habitats. Its oval, pointed leaves fade from green to red to purple with the onset of fall, eventually falling to expose the shrub's quintessential red stems. The red twig dogwood produces small, fragrant, four-petaled, white flowers clustered together. When pollinated, these flowers give way to small spherical white fruit, which attracts birds.