Rough Goldenrod - Solidago rugosa

Attracted Pollinators: Bees, Butterflies

Duration: Perennial

Size: 30-36" high; 30-36" spread

Growing Conditions:

- Light Exposure: full sun

- Water Use: Moderate to wet

- Soil: neutral to slightly acidic, moist, well drained, tolerant to poor soil

The rough goldenrod, very similar in appearance to its cousin the field goldenrod, is a native of eastern North America, stretching further west down south. The stalky bush blooms tiny, vivid yellow flowers with short narrow petals in the early fall, from September to October. The small blossoms aggregate along the upward facing sides of the stems, causing them to arch downward in a pattern resembling fireworks. It has been wrongly accused as the flower responsible for hay fever.