Current Exhibitions

Fall exhibitions open on September 3, 2024 at noon!

Ingrained: Celebrating Pennsylvania's Cultural Heritage

Rooted in the deep traditional art of Pennsylvania, the regional collection of the Phillips Museum highlights the distinctive and colorful ways that immigrant populations celebrated their native countries’ stylistic heritage. This exhibition focuses on the material culture of the Southeast region of Pennsylvania and the processes used to create the ceramics, metalwork, furniture, painting, and textiles that are part of the fabric of 18th and 19th-century Lancaster.

Tempestry: The Spectrum of Climate Change

Combining data, material culture, and advocacy, F&M faculty created a variety of temperature tapestries. The tapestries are color-coded, knitted wall hangings depicting the changes in average yearly temperatures for a given geographical region. The primary goal of this project is to create a striking visual display depicting the unmistakable effects of anthropogenic climate change in the form of changing temperatures.

Shape of Space: Abstractions by Anne Marchand

Anne Marchand’s abstract paintings reflect a range of perspectives: images of deep space, views from airplanes and automobiles, perceptions of manmade textures and patterns all distilled together. The artist’s intention is to actualize beauty and joy in the tangible form of a painting.

Personal Perspectives: Landscapes and the Power of Place

This exhibition, highlighting landscapes from the Phillips Museum’s permanent collection, provides visitors with an opportunity to look at the works and focus on their own interpretation. Curated by Janie M. Kreines, Curator of Exhibitions & Engagement at the Phillips Museum of Art, the landscapes represent many styles, media, and various times and places. They challenge us to call upon our own unique life experience. Do the landscapes spark an emotion, trigger a memory, or perhaps inspire you to write a poem?

Ties That Bind: Exploring Relationships in Photography

Ties That Bind focuses on photography within the Phillips Museum of Art’s permanent collection, highlighting moments in time and capturing a variety of connections. Inspired by many tumultuous social and political worldwide events, the images reflect the wide range of relationships that human beings may experience during their lifetime.

At the Winter Visual Arts Center:

Always Evolving: Art, Art History, and Film Department Biennial

Over the past two years, the staff and faculty members of the Art, Art History, and Film departments have been busy exploring new ways of thinking about, creating, and presenting their work while teaching rigorous academic courses. Always Evolving includes sculpture, ink drawings, paintings, prints, film, architectural designs, and collage work by Linda Cunningham, Carol Hickey, John Holmgren, Rick Kent, Magnolia Laurie, JunCheng Liu, Virginia Maksymowicz, Jeremy Moss, and Jason Thompson.