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Professor of Environmental Science, Department Chair of Earth & Environment



Office: Hackman Hall K100A


I am particularly interested in using archives of environmental information (soils, sediments and the fossils they contain) to understand how and why vegetation and climate vary through time. I research the interrelationships among the ecology, biomass and distribution of vegetation and the chemistry of soil organic matter. This allows me to better understand the role of ancient and modern high-latitude wetland forests and peat forming environments in carbon cycling. 

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Professional Associations

Geological Society of America (GSA), International Association of Wood Anatomists (IAWA), International Organisation of Palaeobotany (IOP), Sigma Xi



2008 Named "Most Influential Professor" in the Natural Sciences by the Franklin & Marshall Class of 2008.


Note: Please email me to request a pdf reprint  or click on the links below to access material online via the publishers website.  * denotes student co-author.

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Student Collaborations

Student Theses / Independent Studies/ Summer Students Advised (click on names to access most recent information via LinkedIn or Reasearch Gate:

2014-2014. Roman Leon, Environmental Science '15

2013-2014. Marc Palmer, B.A. Geosciences '14 (private sector) 

2012-2013. Molly Reynolds, B.A. with Honors Environmental Science '13 (private sector)

2011-2012. Jory Lerback, B.A. Geosciences '12 (private sector)

2010-2011. Perry Oddo, B.A. Environmental Science '11 (M.S. Penn State University)

2010-2011. Nora Theodore, B.A. with honors Environmental Studies '12 (M.S. Univ. of Maine, Orono)

2009-2010. Franklin Dekker, B.A. Environmental Science '10 (M.S. University of Montana)

2008-2009. Kyle D. Trostle, B.A. with Honors, Environmental Science '09 (Ph.D. Cornell University)

2007-2008. Sarah Seiff Lewis. B.A. Environmental Science '08 (private sector)

2006-2007. Stephanie A. (Strouse) Catsle , B.A. Environmental Science ‘07 (M.S. Boston College)

2005-2006. Brittany A. Croll. B.A. with honors Environmental Studies ’06. (M.A. American University)

2005-2006. Wesley M. Court B.A. Geosciences ’06 (M.S. The Petroleum Institute, Abu Dhabi UAE)

2004-2005. Amanda B. Sahl. B.A. Environmental Science ’05 (MESc. Yale University, MBA The Johns Hopkins University)

Course Information

CNX 263 - Materials and Humanity

ENE 114 - Earth, Environment and Humanity

ENE 344 - Global Change and Natural Resources

ENV 454 - Environmental Problems, Senior Seminar


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