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Director and Teaching Professor of the Arabic Language Program


Christine N. Kalleeny is an American-Egyptian of Coptic heritage. She is the Director of the Arabic Language Program at F&M since Summer 2014.  She received her PhD in Comparative Literature from Emory University in 2010. Her doctoral thesis was a comparative study that explored the vital relations among the experiences of intoxication, erotic desire, and poetic language in the poetry of the 9th century Arab poet Abu Nuwas and the Symposium of Plato. She is currently developing her latest research topic: the evolution and public reception of the Arab musical tradition of 'Tarab' in the wake of globalization. She has also been developing a 7-week, non-residential, theme-based Arabic language Program at F&M called "Egypt: Mother of the World" for Summer 2016. The program is open to local high school and college students who have little to no prior experience with Arabic.