The Marshall Fellows program is designed to recognize demonstrated academic excellence, to create a cohort of intellectually engaged students, to encourage intellectual adventure, and to provide support to Fellows for academic enrichment. The program is also intended to help students think about and prepare for post-graduate opportunities. 

Marshall Fellows are able to choose one of two tracks listed below. These pages describe process for receiving grants for the given track:

Process for Fellow Selection

1)  In the Fall of each academic year, the Provost will request from the faculty, including Dons and House Deans, confidential nominations of current sophomores.  Faculty are encouraged to identify sophomores who have displayed academic excellence, intellectual curiosity, potential as adventurous thinkers, and an ability to formulate and bring projects to fruition. 

2)  A committee comprised of eight members -- the five dons, two additional faculty, and a designated member of the Provost’s Office -- will review nominations and select Marshall Fellows based on the above criteria.  Lists of nominees and necessary documents will be assembled by a representative of the Dean of the College.

3)  Fellows will be announced at the end of the first semester of their sophomore year.  At least four Fellows will be chosen from each House.  In addition, several at-large Fellows will be chosen from the pool of all nominated students.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1:  Can I use my Grant for a study abroad program, including one sponsored by F&M?
A:  No, but you can propose an additional project as a component of the study abroad program.  Marshall Fellow money can be used to pay for something that significantly enriches the experience of a credit-bearing course or program, not as a way to pay for a credit-bearing course or program.

Q2:  Can I use my Grant for programs that develop particular skills, such as a language enhancement program, field program, a music camp, or a social science or scientific methodology program?  
A:  There are two scenarios in which a Marshall Grant can be used for these type of programs: (1) If these programs do not receive F&M credit or fulfill a graduation requirement or a requirement of the major then you can use Marshall money; or (2)  If these programs receive F&M credit or fulfill a major or College requirement you will need to propose an additional project as a component of that program that substantially enriches the experience in order to use Marshall money.

Q3:  Can I use an Enrichment grant for preparing for a project, such as travelling to gather data? 
A:  Yes

Q4:  Can I use my Enrichment grant to pay for my living expenses for an internship? 
A:  Yes, but you must demonstrate how the internship enhances your academic goals.  If you receive F&M credit for the internship or it fulfills a major or College requirement you will need to propose an additional project as a component of that internship that substantially enriches the experience in order to use Marshall money.

Q5:  I am thinking about going to another country and asking people questions as a way to gather data.  Is this a good methodology?  
A:  This is a methodology fraught with difficulty and unlikely to yield any meaningful results unless carefully planned.  You will need to identify what groups and individuals you will be talking to (and why), how many, the questions you will be asking, how those questions fit into a larger research question you are exploring, and why you believe you will have access to those people and they will be willing to answer those questions.  In addition you will need to get IRB (Institutional Review Board) approval for using human subjects.  In general, unless the questions and the identified individuals or groups are clearly defined, we encourage you to think about other approaches to gathering information.

Q6:  Can I use a Grant for participation or attendance at professional meetings? 
A:  Yes.

Q7:  Can I use a Grant for purchase of equipment, computers, or software?  
A:  Yes, but you need to explain how the equipment is essential to accomplishing your academic goals.  Normally, policies on college-purchases of equipment apply.  Equipment, computers, or software remain the property of the college.

Q8:  Can I apply to the Committee on Grants?  
A:  Yes.  The Committee on Grants provides funding to research proposals.  A Marshall Fellow will normally submit research proposals for either an Academic Enrichment or a CPS grant.  A Marshall Fellow can choose to submit a research proposal to COG or can choose to supplement a Marshall Fellow grant with a COG grant.

Q9:  Can a grant be used to pay for summer school for credit?  
A: Yes, if you are conducting a substantial research project in addition to summer school and enrollment in summer school is necessary for conduct of the project.

Q10:  What is expected of me when I complete the project? 
A:  You are expected to share your experience or findings with peers (e.g., research fair, House forum, etc.).  We also ask that you find ways to offer assistance after you graduate to future Marshall Fellows.

Q11:  Can I spend whatever I want on hotels and other expenses? 
A:  No. The grants cover reasonable expenses. If you are going to a conference, you should register at the conference rates for a hotel (which often requires that you make those reservations early). If you are staying in a hotel for any reason, you should find a reasonably priced hotel to conduct your project.

Q12:  What are some examples of successful Marshall projects?  
A:  You can look at Grant Application Examples as well as the Community and Public Service (CPS) Marshall Fellows web page.