Sexuality and Gender Alliance

The Sexuality and Gender Alliance (SAGA) organizes educational, cultural and social activities for lesbians, gays, bisexual, transgender students and their allies on campus. Examples include volunteering for the Lancaster Pride Committee, co- hosting Women’s Center lunch-time discussions on LGBTA topics, Safer Sex Seminars, special events for National Coming Out Day and an annual Gender Bender Ball. The Center is also a resource for students, faculty and professional staff and houses books, videos, brochures, magazines and journals. The ARC Coordinator acts as an advocate and provides support and assistance to students, both one-to-one and as adviser to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and their Allies (LGBTA) student organization.

F&M Student Wellness Center

The mission of the F&M Student Wellness Center is to support students’ academic and social wellbeing by providing them with accessible, high quality ambulatory medical services, including treatment for acute and chronic health problems, preventive medicine, sports medicine, travel medicine and health education. The staff recognizes the unique opportunity of college health to affect not only the present but also the future health of students and therefore engages them in promoting lifelong wellness. Counseling Services promotes and fosters the academic, personal and interpersonal development of students by providing a full range of counseling and psychological services to students desiring assistance in coping with personal and emotional difficulties, social relationships, career and educational concerns and substance abuse issues. Students face a variety of challenges during their college career. Counseling Services is available to help students meet these challenges and take full advantage of the many opportunities afforded to them in the Franklin & Marshall community. The counseling process helps students learn more about themselves, overcome obstacles, identify and develop coping strategies and emerge with enhanced self-confidence.

Athletics and Recreation

The athletic program at Franklin & Marshall promotes liberal learning in the fullest sense by complementing the academic mission of the College. This objective is accomplished through a variety of programs: intercollegiate, intramural and club sport competition as well as recreation and wellness activities.

Franklin & Marshall is a member of the Centennial Conference and the Eastern Collegiate Athletic Conference, where most of its teams compete at the NCAA Division III level. The non-scholarship Division I wrestling program is a member of the Eastern Intercollegiate Wrestling Association (EIWA). Rowing is a member of the Middle Atlantic Rowing Association (MARC) and squash competes in the College Squash Association (CSA).

Office of Student Engagement & Leadership

The Office of Student Engagement & Leadership (OSEL) supports the College’s commitment to student learning, promoting engagement and participation in the social, cultural and intellectual life of the College while instilling in students the capacity for both independent and collaborative action. In its work advising student organizations, the Office fosters qualities of character, civility and critical thinking. The student involvement and leadership development opportunities offered through the Office form an integral component of each student’s educational experience.

The Office of Student Engagement & Leadership helps student organizations in many areas, including planning, fundraising, publicity and programming. The Office of Student Engagement & Leadership also aids the reactivation and recognition of new clubs in addition to the registration and support of active ones.

The Office’s staff works closely with the Dons and Deans of the College Houses, executive members of clubs, and the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life.

Office of Student Accessibility Services

In accordance with equal education opportunity laws, Franklin & Marshall College arranges to provide appropriate reasonable academic accommodations for students whose disabilities limit their participation in academic programs for which they are qualified. Issues considered by the Office of Student Accessibility Services include ADHD, learning disabilities, medical conditions and psychological disabilities. Appropriate academic accommodations are determined on an individual basis, utilizing the required documentation of the disability.

The Office of Student Accessibility Services coordinates services and accommodations to meet the needs of students with disabilities that limit their participation in the programs and activities of the College. Every student at the College has the opportunity to complete a Disability Notification Form, available throughout the year at Office of Student Accessibility Services or online. The College considers information provided on this form as confidential and uses it to provide appropriate accommodations for qualifying students.

Fraternity and Sorority Life

Established in 1853, the Greek System at Franklin & Marshall College is rich in tradition and continues to thrive. Membership in a Greek organization has provided students with opportunities for growth, self-authorship and the development of necessary life skills that have contributed to productive and meaningful experiences during and after a student’s career at Franklin & Marshall College.

Fraternities and sororities are values-based organizations dedicated to the development of character and friendship.

Greek organizations offer leadership positions, community service projects, academic excellence programs and a close-knit group of friends. Fraternity or sorority membership carries academic, moral and social responsibilities that encourage the development of well-rounded individuals. Membership in a Greek organization helps students make the most of their college experience by joining together with people who share similar interests and ideals.

Multicultural Affairs

The Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMCA) works to ensure the advancement of the College’s mission as it relates to diversity. It strives to cultivate multicultural students’ leadership, heighten cultural awareness and provide diversity education to our constituents. It aims to initiate, support and advocate approaches that can transform the F&M environment into one that fosters in its members a desire to embrace diversity and learning across cultural boundaries with respect, acceptance, civility and humility. OMCA directs the Gray Scholar Program for students with a record of community service and hosts weekly Intercultural Dialogues. OMCA supports multicultural student organizations in a variety of ways from advising to funding, and reaches out to multicultural alumni groups.

Office of Student and Post-Graduate Development

The Office of Student & Post-Graduate Development (OSPGD) at Franklin & Marshall College prepares students to launch into their lives and careers after graduation and supports them as alumni in the years which follow through: career advisement services, graduate/professional school selection and application support, educational programming, personal and professional skill development, and provision of internships, experiential learning and employment opportunities.

Office of Faith and Meaning

Franklin & Marshall offers support to all religious traditions represented at the College. Some of the student clubs have guest volunteers who represent local congregations or national organizations. These volunteers are not staff of the college.  We encourage all students to connect with the Director of Faith & Meaning or the Director of the Klehr Center for Jewish Life for questions regarding religious and spiritual life on campus.

The Ware Institute for Civic Engagement

Franklin & Marshall College’s Ware Institute for Civic Engagement provides students with a variety of opportunities to explore what it means to be a thoughtful and active member of a community by meeting them where they are in their own development of sense of self and challenging them to make a difference.

The Alice Drum Women’s Center

The Alice Drum Women’s Center was established in 1992 to encourage dialogue on women’s and gender issues, to advocate for women and to promote equality and mutual respect on campus. The Center, which is open to all, sponsors events and programs that educate the campus about women’s contributions to society, serves as an advocate for the needs and concerns of women, offers referrals to other campus and community services, provides resource materials on women’s issues, sponsors support programs for women and empowers both male and female students to work for a future free of sexism.

In partnership with a variety of groups on campus, the Center sponsors special displays and free literature in its lobby on health-related issues and on sexual assault prevention and dating and domestic violence. The Center also maintains a large collection of books on feminism and women’s history, women’s achievements in a variety of fields and issues affect- ing women such as domestic violence, poverty, employment discrimination, sexual harassment, etc. Books can either be checked out or used at the Center.

The Center also does outreach to women’s groups in the Lancaster community and maintains close relationships with organizations such as the YWCA and Domestic Violence Services of Lancaster.

Business Office

The Business Office manages student payroll, student accounts, and student receivables. It also provides cashier services and emergency loans. The Diplomat Exchange can be found on the ground floor of the Steinman College Center.

College Bookstore

The Franklin & Marshall College Bookstore, located in Distler House, provides numerous services to students. It allows students to purchase all of their course texts — rentals, eBooks, used and new — either in the store or through online orders. The store may buy back used books from students at any time of year and allows for returns to accommodate changing course schedules. The bookstore also sells school supplies, general reading and reference books, dorm life necessities and college apparel and gifts.

Facilities and Operations

Facilities and Operations (F&O) primary mission is to proactively support the living, learning and working experiences of the campus community, neighbors, and guests. F&O service includes Construction Services, Mechanical Trades, Building Trades, Key Shop, Grounds Maintenance including College Vehicle Maintenance, Custodial Services, Conference Service and the Service Response Center.

The Service Response Center is responsible for coordinating and scheduling all maintenance activity, communicating status updates to the campus, soliciting feedback on the quality of service provided, and allocating resources of the department to best service the mission of Franklin & Marshall College. For more information contact the Service Response Center at (717)358-3900,, or

Identification Card Office

The Franklin & Marshall College Identification Card Office is located in the Steinman College Center. Franklin & Marshall ID cards are issued to all students, both full-and part-time, for the regular academic year. The card serves 1) as a photo ID card (which is required to be shown for various purposes on campus), 2) to access meals from a purchased College meal plan at a dining venue on campus, 3) to access flex dollars from the purchased College meal plan at a dining venue on campus, and 4) to borrow Library books.

The ID card provides the owner with the availability to create a declining balance account; Ben’s Bucks allows for cash deposits to be placed on the card and functions as a debit card. Amounts deposited transfer from semester to semester and year-to-year; balances available at the time of graduation will be credited to student’s account. Ben’s Bucks can be used on campus at all dining venues and the bookstore. Ben’s Bucks can only be accessed by use of the card readers at appropriate locations. For more information, please visit The card office produces the ID cards and accepts payments for Ben’s Bucks, break shuttles to the airports and break shuttle reservations.

Information Technology Services

Franklin & Marshall College believes that technology is an important resource for faculty in support of teaching and learning as well as an indispensable tool for scholarship. We want to ensure that our students and faculty are equipped with necessary technology so that they can work together effectively. The College is 100% wireless enabled with a dense wired network in academic departments, offices, and workspaces. The College provides a campus portal ( as a point of easy access to College-only and personal/confidential information. The College is a G Suite for Education campus, which means that collaboration using Google’s Gmail, Google Drive, and other Google tools is easy and cost free.

The use of personal computers is required or recommended in virtually every course taught at the College. Many courses make use of Canvas, the College’s learning management system, where students find assignments and submit their papers, journals, and communications electronically to their professors. Many students have reported that they appreciate when faculty also make use of the electronic gradebook features in Canvas. The idea of “one person, one computer” has met with broad acceptance at Franklin & Marshall as over 95% of current students’ report having a computer. In addition to personal computers, there are public computers available in the libraries, the Kreisel Innovation Zone, and several other locations on campus. All College-provided resources can be used with either platform, with a few exceptions for software applications that a vendor has produced for only one platform. The College has acquired site licenses for Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Adobe Creative Cloud, Qualtrics, and other essential software tools.

Students are expected to abide by all College technology-related policies and may be subject to discipline should they violate them. Technology-related policies can be found at:

Technology Support Services (TSS)

Technology Support Services, a team within Information Technology Services, and located in the Patricia E. Harris Building for Public Policy, is dedicated to helping the entire College community use computer technology effectively and easily.

The ITS Help Desk provides technology support by telephone, e-mail (, and through an automated ticketing system ( Information about our services is available on Inside F&M ( under the Campus Services tab. On this page you will find a link for “Technology Resources for Students and Employees”. The ITS Help Desk will assist with software applications and configurations. If a student has a problem with their computer hardware, there are re- pair shops in close proximity to the College.

TSS operates the Technology Lending Center, also located in the Innovation Zone. The Center offers students, as well as employees of the college, short term loan of technology equipment, such as computers and digital cameras. Information about the Technology Lending center is available at http:/

TSS supports Technology in the Classroom. TSS manages a wide variety of technically sophisticated facilities across the campus, including Technology Enhanced Classrooms. You can learn more about these spaces at

The Kreisel Innovation Zone also provides a study and collaboration area for students. The space has creative lighting, large interactive displays, desktop computers, and comfortable seating all combining to form a modern, relaxed atmosphere perfect for individual or group study or just to relax and talk. The Kreisel Innovation Zone opens early and closes late.

Instructional and Emerging Technologies Instructional and Emerging Technologies (IET)

Instructional and Emerging Technologies, a team within Information Technology Services and located in the Shadek- Fackenthal Library, is dedicated to promoting and supporting the integration of technology into the College curriculum in support of teaching and learning. IET consults and collaborates primarily with College faculty in the evaluation, experimentation, and adoption of technology-based solutions that have the potential to support and enhance instruction, comprehension, or research. Instructional and Emerging Technology staff, working in close partnership with the library, offer a wide range of services, a few examples of which are:

  • Instructional design assistance that leverages technology in support of course objectives and course redesign efforts
  • Media project design and production
  • Support for Canvas and course content distribution
  • In-classroom instruction and project support for students such as poster design principles, using blogs for writing assignments/journals, 3-D printing projects, survey tools for data gathering, website design using Google tools, etc.

International Programs

The Office of International Programs advises students on study abroad and off-campus study programs, advises international students on immigration and student life, manages summer travel scholarships and coordinates international events, speakers and activities throughout the school year.

Public Safety

The Department of Public Safety is a fully accredited Law Enforcement Agency by the Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission. Members of the Department of Public Safety are sworn police officers with powers of enforcement and arrest.

The Department of Public Safety maintains campus safety through 24-hour service and patrol to enhance the quality of life at Franklin & Marshall College. Select buildings around campus, including College-owned residential facilities, are controlled by electronic access 24 hours a day. CCTV cameras are located around the perimeter of the College and select parking areas.

Public Safety serves a variety of other functions, including responding to medical emergencies and alarm calls, administering campus parking policies, providing a student escort service and giving information to College guests. The office, open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, is located in Marshall Hall.

The Department of Public Safety consists of director, public safety supervisors, officers and dispatchers, all responsible for the enforcement of criminal and civil regulations and also protecting the property of the College and the property of its community.


The Office of the Registrar provides support of the academic program to faculty, staff, and students in numerous ways. It is responsible for maintaining the academic records of all current and former students, and for upholding the academic policy set by the faculty.  Among its many services are coordinating class and final exam scheduling, tracking students’ progress toward degree, and fulfilling requests for copies of transcripts. The Office of the Registrar is located in Diagnothian Hall.

Writers House

The Philadelphia Alumni Writers House at Franklin & Marshall College provides a home for a great variety of writing- related programs and activities. As both a vibrant community of readers and writers, and a house at 633 College Avenue, the Writers House is a hub for curricular and programmatic innovation on campus and in the city, and it serves as a rich incubator for projects and events of all literary stripes. To implement this ambitious mission, the Writers House features programs and workshops ranging from creative writing, to academic scholarship, to experimental fiction, to broadcast media and journalism; hosts readings and intimate craft talks with eminent and emerging authors; supports student-initiated literary programs and publications; brings visiting writers into the Lancaster City Schools, and more.

Writing Center

The Writing Center plays a critical role in the general education curriculum. Located on the second floor of Diagnothian Hall, the Center provides assistance and counseling for students working on college writing assignments— from short memos and longer analytic expository essays to lab reports and lengthy term papers. Students may also ask for consultations on oral presentations, in which they can receive advice on how to compose effective PowerPoint slides as well as feedback on full dress rehearsals. A trained staff of student Writing Assistants, who represent a wide range of majors and career interests, helps students discuss and clarify their ideas and also improve their writing styles. Writing Center sessions can address any stage of the writing process, including interpretation of an assignment, formulation of a thesis, organization of supporting evidence and revision. The collaborative sessions can benefit any writer—from the first- year student writing a first college paper to the senior writing an honors thesis.

The Writing Center also offers in-class writing workshops to further encourage excellent writing across the curriculum.

Quantitative Science Center

The Quantitative Science Center supports development of quantitative and science skills in the Franklin & Marshall community. The Q&SC team offers 4 types of peer-to-peer help:  Drop-in tutoring, Individual tutoring, Peer-led group work sessions, and workshops. The Center is located on the first floor of Martin Science Library with drop-in tutoring occurring in many different locations on campus.  Check the Scheduler for availability (Inside.fandm > Academics tab > look for the big blue Q&SC Tutoring button on the left).