Class Absence and Short Term Leave Policies

Class Absence Notification Policy

The Student Wellness Center (SWC) recognizes that students are responsible for adhering to professors’ attendance policies and that only faculty members can excuse students from class.  SWC DOES NOT issue class absence notes.  Students are encouraged to communicate with their professors directly with regards to missed classes, preferably prior to the missed class. 

We recognize that not all acute illnesses warrant visits to the Wellness Center.  We also recognize that individuals' tolerance for acute illness is variable.  SWC can only verify visits to the Health Center.  We cannot verify an illness that has already resolved by the time of the visit.

With the student’s signed consent, SWC will verify that the student was seen and evaluated at the health center.  A student's Professor will need to contact SWC, either by phone or email ( should they need to verify an appointment.  Visits to the Health Center for illness DO NOT equate to a class excuse.  Excuse for a missed class, presentation, or exam, is at the discretion of individual professors.  Any student who is ill at home and is not seen by SWC will need documentation from their primary care provider in order to verify a medical illness for any missed activity. 

Certain health situations (detailed below) may result in professors receiving a communication directly from the Office of Student Affairs or SWC.

Short Term Medical Leave

Students who are advised by a medical professional to NOT attend class, are sent home due to a health related condition, or are hospitalized, are issued a short-term health leave.  Professors receive email communication, including specific dates of the recommended absence, from the Office of Student Affairs.  Short-term health leaves are only recommended in the case of severe illness in which it is a risk to the particular student or classmates for that student to attend class.  Short-term health leaves DO NOT apply to individual class absences.  Students who choose to go home to see their personal physician for an acute problem can only receive a short-term medical leave AFTER the SWC has received documentation from the home physician. 

Additional Policy

If a student is being treated and followed for a health related condition that could impact class attendance or performance, (e.g. concussion, acute mononucleosis) an email will be sent directly to the appropriate professors provided the student gives consent to do so.

Students missing an exam or presentation while being seen at SWC due to an illness may give consent at the time of the visit for the professor to be informed of the situation.  This notification to the professor DOES NOT automatically result in an excused absence from the exam or presentation.

SWC does not believe students should miss class for medical appointments on or off campus.  If this cannot be avoided and the professor requires verification of the appointment the student can give consent for the professor to be informed.  SWC requires documentation from an off-campus provider to verify appointments.

An SWC professional staff member can only speak with a professor about a student’s medical situation if the student signs a formal consent to do so per required privacy laws.