Withdrawals and Leaves of Absence

The federal government prescribes the treatment of Title IV aid in the event a student withdraws. At Franklin & Marshall, all leaves of absences, whether informal or formal, are treated as withdrawals for the purpose of returning Title IV aid. When the Office of Financial Aid receives notice of a leave of absence or withdrawal from Franklin & Marshall from Student Academic Affairs, the Office must calculate the percentage of the semester that the student was enrolled. If the student withdraws after the semester is 60% completed, the student has earned all Title IV aid for the semester and no funds will be returned to the federal government. If the student withdraws prior to the 60% point in the semester, the percentage of the funds that were not earned will be returned in the following order:

•   Unsubsidized Stafford Loan

•   Subsidized Stafford Loan

•   Perkins Loan

•   PLUS Loan

•   Pell Grant

•   SEOG

•   Other Title IV programs

If the student has received a refund credit prior to withdrawing, the student will be responsible for repayment of the Title IV funds per Return to Title IV requirements, either to the College or the federal government. The College will notify the student of his or her responsibilities regarding the repayment of unearned Title IV funds that have already been disbursed and refunded to the student.