Athletic Facilities Use Policy

The policy below pertains to the use of College athletic facilities by Franklin & Marshall employees and retired employees. Please contact Athletics and Recreation, at 717-358-4250, with questions pertaining to the use of athletic facilities by others (students, alumni, etc.).


Full-time and regular part-time members of the Franklin & Marshall faculty and professional staff, College retirees, and immediate family members (the spouse or same-sex domestic partner and children) of employees and retirees may use College athletic facilities free of charge during normal hours of operation.  You can find hours of operation by visiting the Poorbaugh Fitness Center website and the Mayser Gym website

A valid Franklin & Marshall photo identification card is required for access to:

  • the Alumni Sports and Fitness Center (ASFC)
  • basketball courts
  • tennis courts
  • the strength training center (located in the College Square building)
  • squash courts
  • volleyball courts

A College employee's or retiree's spouse or same-sex domestic partner, and an employee's children ages 12 through 18 (through age 22 if a full-time college student) may use athletic facilities upon presentation of a valid Franklin & Marshall ID card. Children under the age of
12 may use the facilities, but must be accompanied by an adult with an authorized College ID. Children must be at least 16 to use the fitness center within the Alumni Sports and Fitness Center.

Employees and retirees with a valid College ID may be accompanied by one guest when using the Alumni Sports and Fitness Center (dependents of employees and retirees may not bring guests). Guests under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult ID holder.

Employees of the North Museum and the Lancaster General Student Health Center  may access athletic facilities by showing a College ID card. Employees of service providers contracted by the College (food service, Bookstore, custodial services) are eligible for a courtesy pass during the term of their employment on the Franklin & Marshall campus. Such individuals must provide Auxiliary Services, College Center, with written verification of their eligibility from their supervisor. Courtesy passes are not available to the dependents or guests of contracted service providers.

ID Cards

To obtain a Franklin & Marshall photo ID card, employees and College retirees  must present a government issued photo ID at the Diplomat Exchange, located on the first floor of the Steinman College Center. Employees/retirees must accompany their spouse or same-sex domestic partner, and an employee's dependent children ages 12 through 18 (or through age 22 if a full-time student), who may receive their own ID card. 

Employees of the North Museum should contact their human resources office to inquire about obtaining an ID card.

Upon employment termination, employees must promptly return their College ID cards, as well as those issued to dependents, to the Human Resources Office or to Public Safety.


College employees and retirees may enjoy free use of tennis, basketball, squash, volleyball, and badminton courts; a 200 meter running track; an elevated walking / jogging track; the McGinness swimming pool; and the Poorbaugh fitness center which includes an extensive collection of aerobic equipment, hand weights, and strength training machines.

Men's and women's locker rooms are available in the Alumni Sports and Fitness Center (ASFC). Users are encouraged to bring their own lock to secure their clothing and valuables while using the facilities.  Locks left overnight will be removed along with the contents of the locker. Athletics and Recreation cannot assume responsibility for items left in lockers.

Reserving Facilities-- Individuals, groups, and teams may reserve space for athletic and recreational use by contacting the Assistant Director, Athletics and Recreation at 358-4250, or the ASFC monitors' desk. Reservations for courts may be made in advance by calling 399-4524. Use patterns, rentals, and organized activities will dictate when courts are available.

Hours of Operation--Individuals with a valid College ID may use facilities within the Alumni Sports and Fitness Center (ASFC) during those hours when facilities are staffed and operational. Normal hours of operation are available via:

Hours of operation during breaks and the summer months will be modified and posted in advance.  Patrons must sign in at the monitors' desk located at the front entrance and show their Franklin & Marshall photo ID card. Use of any equipment or space is subject to its availability.

Other Information

Valid College ID holders will be granted free admission to home College athletic competitions (admission is charged for playoff games).

College ID holders may borrow athletic equipment from the ASFC. Recreational equipment
will be available from the equipment check out room upon presentation of a valid Franklin & Marshall ID card.

Footwear appropriate to the activity and floor surface is required. Special court shoes are required to use the squash courts located in Mayser Gym. Cleated or spiked shoes will be prohibited in the field house. Shoes that leave black or colored marks are prohibited in all locations.

Exercise clothing appropriate for the activity is recommended to provide a safe and healthful environment. Each activity area may have their own requirements (i.e., swimming pool, fitness center, field house, etc.).

ASFC users will be required to sign a use and liability waiver which acknowledges their understanding and acceptance of the potential risks associated with their activities. A similar waiver will be used for the strength training center located in the College Square building. Use of the fitness center is restricted to those individuals who have completed an orientation session and have a signed waiver on file.

Use of tobacco, alcohol, and other controlled substances is strictly prohibited in all buildings
and athletic facilities. Exceptions will be granted for special events with advance approvals
(i.e. alumni weekend banquets and receptions).

Those using the ASFC are not permitted to engage in activity for personal gain or to employ the services of private trainers or coaches within the confines of the facilities.

User privileges may be revoked due to:

  1. separation from the College,
  2. failure to respect rules regarding access and use of the facilities,
  3. failure to respect other patrons or staff, and/or
  4. failure to observe proper use of the equipment.

Policy Maintained by: Human Resources, Associate Vice President
Last Reviewed: August 10, 2017