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Professional Staff Remote Work Policy


Remote work allows employees to work at home or in a satellite location for all or part of their workweek. This policy covers the terms and conditions of a remote work environment whereby Franklin & Marshall College has agreed to allow a specific employee to perform their job duties from office spaces in their homes or in other suitable remote locations. Employees working remotely will be responsible for adhering to Franklin & Marshall College personnel policies the same as employees who do not work remotely.

Short-term temporary remote working arrangements may be approved for circumstances such as inclement weather, illness or quarantine, special projects, or business travel and do not require completion of the Remote Work Request Form. These isolated and limited arrangements are approved by your Supervisor on an as-needed basis only, with no expectation of ongoing continuance.


Requests will be evaluated for approval based on the following criteria: the department's operational needs, the employee's essential job duties, and office coverage. Remote working arrangements are not suitable for all positions; therefore, it is at the discretion of Franklin & Marshall College to authorize and direct such arrangements on a case-by-case basis. No employee is entitled to or guaranteed the opportunity to work remotely.

Six current consecutive months of employment with Franklin & Marshall College are required to be eligible for remote work consideration.

This policy is not intended to address remote working arrangements that may be implemented as a reasonable accommodation to an employee with a disability. Those situations will be addressed on an individual basis with Human Resources.

This policy is not intended to address positions designed, approved, and advertised as full-time remote assignments.

Performance Expectations and Guidelines

  • Communicate regularly and effectively with managers, coworkers, and customers to the same degree as working from the office.

  • Demonstrate conscientiousness about time management, productivity, and accountability for your work quality and deadlines.

  • Participate in on-site or facility-based training, meetings, and other functions that require in-office attendance.

  • Your schedule will not adversely affect the ability of other College employees, your team, and other teams to perform their jobs.

  • As business needs change and with reasonable notice, you will be expected to adjust your work schedule to meet department needs.

  • A remote work arrangement is not designed to replace appropriate child and/or adult dependent care.

  • You are expected to keep your calendar up to date and indicate when you work from home.

  • Professional attire is required for virtual meetings.

Any non-compliance with this policy may result in modification or termination of the remote work arrangement.

Salary, Job Responsibility, Benefits

Salary, job responsibilities, and benefits will not change because of a remote work arrangement. An employee allowed to work remotely shall comply with all existing job requirements and employer policies as are in effect in the office.


The designated workspace is considered an extension of the assigned permanent worksite; therefore, employees performing remote work are covered by the Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Act during the course and scope of employment, during the approved work schedule, and in the designated work location. The College does not assume any liability for injuries that occur outside of the designated workspace, outside of your regular work schedule, or outside the course and scope of employment. You are responsible for immediately informing your supervisor and Human Resources of any work-related injury or illness. The College is not responsible or liable for injuries to third persons and/or members of the employee's family sustained on premises controlled by the employee or by third parties.


Employees approved for remote work are required to ensure the confidentiality of College work products, including but not limited to documents, spreadsheets, presentations, training, employee and student data, and systems, including email. All College policies and procedures related to acceptable use and security continue to apply at the remote worksite. Employees approved for remote work must have a way to ensure confidentiality of meetings and other virtual events, such as working from a private space with a door that can be closed.

Work hours, Overtime, Vacation

Work hours and schedules do not change due to a remote work arrangement. If overtime is anticipated, this must be discussed and approved in advance with the supervisor, just as any overtime scheduling would normally have to be approved.

Tax Consequences

Employees must determine any tax or legal implications under Internal Revenue Service (IRS), state and local government laws, and/or restrictions of working out of a home-based office. Responsibility for fulfilling all obligations in this area rests solely with the employee.


Employees are responsible for ongoing operations costs, such as telephone service fees, internet fees, utility costs, homeowner's or renter's insurance, and furniture or equipment rental fees. The College will not be responsible for any expenses an employee incurs working remotely unless such expenses are pre-approved in accordance with the College's policies and provisions.

The College will provide the employee the College-owned equipment for the employee's ability to work remotely. The equipment provided will be determined by the supervisor, IT, and Human Resources. The employee must only use the College issued equipment for work. The employee will not use the College equipment for personal use or allow anyone else in their household to use the F&M provided equipment.

The Employee agrees to return in good working order and in a timely fashion all College-owned items used at the remote worksite upon request or if the agreement is discontinued for any reason. In the event legal action is required to regain possession of College-owned equipment, software, or supplies, the employee agrees to pay all costs incurred by the employer, including attorney's fees, should the employer prevail.

When the employee uses personal equipment, software, data, supplies, and furniture, the employee is responsible for maintenance and repair of these items. The College assumes no responsibility for any damage to, wear of, or loss of the employee's personal property.

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Policy Maintained by: Human Resources
Last Reviewed: August 25, 2023