As they prepare for their May 14 Commencement ceremony, Franklin & Marshall seniors look back at their four years on campus—and what's next.

Story 5/12/2022

Senior Spotlight: Max Scherzer

Max Scherzer shares how he developed authentic and dynamic friendships while he grew as a leader,...

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Story 5/10/2022

Senior Spotlight: Lydia Shaw

Lydia Shaw shares how her love of writing and tutoring helped her feel at home at the Philadelphia...

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Story 5/6/2022

Senior Spotlight: Glory Jacquat

Glory shares how the first kitten they found doing trap-neuter-release work with the cat colony on...

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Story 5/4/2022

Senior Spotlight: Nicolás David Cortez

Nicolás remembers stepping out of his comfort zone and trying something he never had before.

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Story 5/2/2022

Senior Spotlight: Josary Valeiron

Senior Josary Valeiron shares her most memorable moments at F&M, including when she performed a...

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Story 4/28/2022

Senior Spotlight: Nick Ross

Senior Nick Ross reminisces on his time at F&M, including his favorite spots on campus. 

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Story 4/26/2022

Senior Spotlight: Anna Phommachanthone

Senior Anna Phommachanthone shares the worldly experience she enjoyed at F&M. 

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