When should graduates arrive?

  • Graduate check-in for the ceremony is Saturday, May 15 at 9:15 a.m. at the tunnel entrance to Clipper Stadium.

    • This is the lower level of the stadium at the corner of W. Clay St. and N. Prince St

  • Please plan to walk or carpool with roommates, if possible, to allow parking for your guests. It is a 10-15 minute walk from College Row (see map).

  • No guests will be allowed at the check-in area or on the field. 

  • In the event of severe weather, graduates should check their email and the commencement website for contingency plans and announcements.


What happens when I arrive?

  • Upon arrival, you will check in by College House. 

  • You’ll receive a card with your name, honors, and a seat number in your HOUSE SECTION. You need this card to walk across the stage—don’t lose it! House cords will be there for those that did not pick up at the Lux et Lex Walk.

  • Please go directly to that seat number to prepare for the ceremony. There is no student processional. When Pomp and Circumstance begins to play, all the students (in-person and remote) will stand at their seats. The platform party will process to the stage.

  • Students must maintain social distance when in the stadium at all times. 


What should graduates wear?

  • Cap/tassel, gown, house cord, mask, sensible shoes, and lightweight clothing underneath.

    • Tip: Take your gown out of its bag a week before to get creases out! (Do not iron)

  • Remain masked at all times!

  • You’ll be in FULL SUN. Gowns are polyester—dress lightly underneath! Perhaps even have sunglasses ready for when you are seated. The event is rain or shine and there is no cover over the field. Again, please check the website in the event of severe weather.

  • Remember, you will be sitting and walking on a baseball field: 

    • NO HEELS permitted for safety and walkability reasons! This is stadium policy.

      • It could be muddy, even on the driest of days!

  • We will have an emergency kit on hand for any issues (Band-Aids, bobby pins, tissues, black flip-flops, etc.).


What should graduates NOT bring?

  • There is nowhere to store any personal items. If you bring it, you must keep it with you.

  • DO NOT bring outside food or drink. This is stadium policy. 

  • Water will be provided—don’t bring a bottle of your own!

  • Stay hydrated beforehand, and eat breakfast!! (We don’t want anyone getting sick!)


What happens when I walk across the stage?

  • A video showing the order of walking the stage will be filmed by the class president on Friday, May 14 and will be posted on the class’s social media.

  • You will be sitting by College House and in alphabetical order. Names will be called by College House.

  • The Student Marshals, Proffessors Kate Plass and Christopher Williams, will lead you from your row out into the aisle to line up at stage left. Bring your name card. Your House Dean will be at the front of the line to assist you and tell you when to step on stage. 

  • When you walk up to the stage, lay the card on the table next to the announcer, they will take it and announce your name. When you cross the stage, President Altmann will hand you your diploma cover. At this time, you will have your photo taken.

    • NOTE: You will be receiving your diploma cover ONLY. Diploma distribution will take place after the ceremony.


  • You will continue on to a professional photograph area behind the stage. You may remove your mask for this photo. After your photo is taken, return promptly to your seat. 

  • You will enter your seating row to the left side of your House section. Follow the staff instructions, and students in front of you.

  • After the ceremony, the recessional will be fun, upbeat, and joyful! You will be led by the College Marshal, Professor Annalisa Crannell, around the track past the entire seating area. There will be music, so feel free to dance, jump, or however you express your joy—just keep 6’ distance, please! 

  • Tables will be set up by letters of your LAST NAME for diploma pick-up staffed by the College’s Senior Staff and Registrar’s Office. There will also be a table to pick up your senior class gift. 

    • NOTE: You do not need to stop at the diploma pick-up table if 1) you already received your degree in February, 2) you are still in the process of completing your degree requirements, or 3) you have been notified that your diploma will not be available.

  • Guests will exit the stadium out front; graduates will exit out back. Please make plans to meet up with your guests in the parking lot area.


What should I do if I am participating remotely?

  • Remote students who have registered their participation will be shown via Zoom on a video wall at the stadium. 

    • Attendees will be able to see you, you can see them. Wave—interact!

  • When in-person graduates are asked to stand, you should stand as well.

  • When all in-person graduates for a House have been called, the names of all the remote students in that House will be read and photos shown.


What should my guests know?

  • Face masks must be worn at all times.

  • Doors open for guests at 8:30 a.m. Guests will enter in the front of Clipper (main gates).

  • If you have picked up your guest wristbands, please give those to your guests prior to the Ceremony. DO NOT LOSE YOUR GUEST WRISTBANDS. THEY CANNOT BE REPLACED. Guests must have their wristbands on their wrists to enter the stadium.

  • If you did not pick up your guest wristbands, your guests can pick up at the “Will Call Table” upon arrival to the ceremony.

  • Guests will exit the stadium out front; graduates will exit out back. 

  • The Commencement website’s FAQ contains more detailed information about all of these items. The website will include contingency plans and announcements related to severe weather.