Class of 2020!

Remember when? 

#FANDM2020: Convocation & Move-In Day Highlights

You did it!  It is time to celebrate!  You began your F&M journey in August 2016, and what a journey it has been.  Along the way many memories were made and bonds formed.  This website is the F&Mily’s way to honor and celebrate you!  Each day will feature new and fun content, so dig in and enjoy!!

Congratulations, Class
of 2020!

Virtual Celebration Space

Check out this page for photos, videos and activities from F&M offices, departments and organizations who want to celebrate our latest graduates.

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Celebration Message Board

Whether you want to give a shout out to one senior or the whole class, post a note, link, photo, audio or video to our celebration message board.

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All-Student Awards Program 2020

Congratulations to all of our students who received awards in 2019-20 for outstanding academic achievements, exceptional research and enduring leadership!

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Share with us using #fandm2020 

Have a message or photo to share with the Class of 2020? Tag your tweets with #fandm2020 or join our Instagram campaign so we can display your photo below!

Black Pyramid Society’s annual Last Lecture 

F&M Black Pyramid Society Last Lecture for the Class of 2020

This traditional event is a chance for the seniors to reflect back on our time at F&M and celebrate our accomplishments by listening together to a commencement-style address by professors who have impacted our four years here. This year, we are honored to have Professor Bennett Helm, Elijah E. Kresge Professor of Philosophy and Program Chair of Scientific & Philosophical Studies of Mind (SPM), as our speaker.  

Welcome, New Alumni (that's you!)

Welcome to the F&M Alumni Association! You are now part of an distinguished and committed alumni network which will help you grow personally and professionally throughout your life. Below are some resources to help you begin navigating the F&M network both locally and across the world. Please do not hesitate to reach out to the Office of Alumni Relations with any questions, simply email Evan Brock.

Regional Chapters

Regional chapters form the backbone of our vibrant alumni community.  

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F&Mily for Life

All alumni of the College are members of the Alumni Association.  

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Alumni Advising and Development

Whether it's your first or fifth job transition, OSPGD is here for you.

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Alumni Connections

Look up alumni, browse upcoming events, learn about FAN and volunteer opportunities, and more.

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