The Media Relations staff manages the College's external news outreach, developing strategies and producing news content to facilitate media coverage of the College, including its academic, scholarly and intellectual life, robust campus life, and initiatives to educate and ensure the lifelong success of bright and talented students. The Director of Media Relations oversees the College's interactions with print, online and broadcast media and works in concert with the entire College Communications team to tell the stories of the College through a variety of platforms.

As the College spokesperson, the Director of Media Relations also manages inquiries about the College from the news media; cultivates relationships with international, national and regional media; produces and distributes news releases; provides media management for special and high-profile events and initiatives; and offers strategic analysis, consultation, training and support to faculty, staff and students to engage with news media.

Support for News Outreach

We encourage you to work with us to develop news releases and media advisories to share with news organizations news of major College events, initiatives and scholarly investigations and research. News releases are useful for promoting the expertise of the faculty and the leadership or unique nature of F&M's programs and initiatives. 

News releases and advisories are written in a journalistic style that is intended to explain complex concepts to a wide audience. Not all of the news articles written by our news team will become a news release, but we are always excited to share news that would be of strong interest to journalists and members of the public beyond our community. To suggest a news topic, email

In some cases, we will encourage members of campus centers and student groups to draft news releases to promote their activities or events. This is common for events expected to attract a mostly local or campus audience. The College's director of media relations  will work with you to ensure these communications are as effective as they an be, and we have a robust online database that allows us to customize distribution to news organizations likely to be most interested in your news. All news releases from the College should be distributed through our office. For assistance, contact Greg Wright, Vice President for Communications, at 717-358-4872.