Assistance for Faculty and Professional Staff

The Office of Communications has established relationships with members of the media and can help you communicate with the press and share your news with a wide audience. In addition, the Director of Media Relations seeks opportunities to proactively promote faculty and staff as experts on timely topics in the news.

Department chairs and other members of the faculty and professional staff are encouraged to contact the Director of Media Relations to discuss their areas of expertise and ways in which College Communications may assist in highlighting their timely and important work. The director works proactively to identify opportunities for the College to be featured in media. When a news event occurs that directly relates to a professor's area of research, the professor is encouraged to contact our office to discuss media outreach possibilities. If a significant anniversary or other timely event is planned, our office is available to help with media outreach, interview preparation and follow-up, and media training.

To share general news tips, email 

Information for Students Contacted by News Media 

Most media requests for information about the College and interviews with members of the Franklin & Marshall community are directed to the Office of College Communications. Students wishing to have direct contact with the press to promote an event or activity may seek the assistance of our office at least two weeks in advance to identify media contacts and disseminate such information to various media outlets.

In some cases, members of the media may contact individuals directly. College Communications strongly encourages the campus community to bring to our attention media calls and other requests so that we may facilitate the process and ensure that journalists comply with College policies.

Photographers and film crews must obtain authorization in advance from the Office of Communications to film, videotape or take photographs on campus. The media is not permitted inside College Houses and permission is required for access to common spaces, which are not public. Students should notify the Director of Media Relations after they agree to have a photographer or film crew come to campus so our office can work with media to arrange access to campus. 

What to Do when a Reporter Calls 

While most media will coordinate interviews through the Office of Communications, some members of the media may contact faculty, staff and students directly.  The Director of Media Relations  is available to assist faculty, staff and students with those requests, and we strongly encourage the College community to bring media calls to our attention.

All camera crews and still photographers must secure in advance authorization to film, videotape or take photographs on campus. Faculty and staff should notify the Director of Media Relations when they agree to have a photographer, film crew or reporter come to campus so that we may inform the Department of Public Safety and make other necessary arrangements. Faculty who allow members of the news media to attend a class must notify students in advance so they may make alternative arrangements if they have privacy concerns.

The Director of Media Relations can assist in securing permission and signed releases from students, guest speakers and others willing to participate. Professors may print and have releases signed and submit them to the Office of Communications in person on the Third Floor of Old Main or, if time permits, via campus mail. Releases must be in-hand on the day of an event to allow filming to commence.