Spread the Word

This is a guide for event organizers to get the word out about their Franklin & Marshall College events. Please note that the communications team prioritizes notable speakers and events that raise the visibility of the institution beyond campus and strengthen its brand among prospective students and their parents; alumni, supporters and friends of the College; and national and local audiences, including neighbors in the Lancaster community.


1. List your events on the F&M website. This is a two-step process:

  • Enter the event into the reservation system.
  • Add it to the online events calendar.​ Please note that all events listings require the event to already be logged in the reservation system (calendar listings cannot be created without a location).


2. If students are a primary audience for your in-person or virtual event, you should also include it on the calendar in Diplomats Presence.

  • Diplomats Presence is the new platform for student clubs and organizations and is managed by the Office of Student Engagement & Leadership. You can access it by going to Inside F&M > Student Life.
  • Once you are part of a registered organizaiton (contact OSEL for details), you can add events from the Dashboard.


3. Alert College Communications

Some campus events are of particular interest to the local, regional and national community based on the timeliness of the topic or the name recognition of the sepaker. If you feel your idea or event would be of interest beyond campus, send us a tip at news@fandm.edu. We will give careful consideration to every idea submitted.


4. If the event is open to the public, let the larger community know via online listings (free to use, but require registration):


5. Engage through social media

The College’s social media coordinator will sometimes promote events that have been added to the online calendar and shared with our media relations director and content specialists, however you should reach out separately if you want to make sure your event is considered for social media posts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn).


6. Advertise to the community through posters. Please note that the office only creates and manages printing for events that are open to the public (local and regional neighbors and patrons and the media).

If your event only targets students and/or faculty and professional staff, we recommend constructing a simple flier in Microsoft Word (Under create new file --> flyer). Alternatively, you can use an online tool such as Adobe Spark, which is free to the F&M community (use your Google ID and password to sign in). 

As of August 15, 2019, organizers are required to order a minimum of 50 posters for events. The office has brokered an agreement with a local printer that keeps the price per poster under 85 cents per 11x17 sheet (color, on poster stock) as long as the total order is between 50 and 150 copies. Additionally, the minimum-order requirement ensures that high-profile events are seen by the largest number of people possible. We strongly urge organizers to hang posters outside of the campus boundaries (local coffee shops, restuarants, galleries, film houses, etc.) to boost attendance by members of the community.

Poster pricing (valid from August 9, 2019, through May 10, 2020):
  • 50 posters: $41

  • 75 posters: $49

  • 100 posters: $57

  • 125 posters: $65

  • 150 posters: $73


If you have decided your event is indeed open to the public and you are ready to order a poster, please email us and include the following:Please note: Due to heavy demand during the academic year, our creative team requires two weeks' notice to produce a poster, so if you need a poster for an event on October 15, your order must be submitted on or before October 2.

  • Event Title

  • Time
  • Date
  • Location
  • Pertinent details (speaker bio, event details)
  • All sponsors
  • Images you have permission to use in print and digital media (please include credit if it must be cited, e.g., photo by Stewart Smith)
  • The date you wish to take delivery of the printed posters (must give two weeks to design, edit and send final files to commercial printer)

If the designer assigned to the promotion has any questions, they will follow up with an email.