Spread the Word

This is a simple checklist for faculty and professional staff event organizers to get the word out about their Franklin & Marshall College events.

1. Enter the event into the reservation system AND THEN ALSO add it to the online events calendar.

  • Go to the reservation system
  • Log in using your NetID and password
  • From the Reservations menu, select Campus Space/Room Reservation
  • Fill out all the required fields necessary to make the reservation.

NOTE: the Start Time and End Time that you enter into a new reservation should be the time the event actually begins and ends. It should not include the time you require to set- up and tear down.

  • Go to the Details tab to add additional information about your event.
  • The Event Name is the title that will appear in the calendar. Title your event appropriately, with as few words as needed. In most cases, you should not include terms such as F&M or weekly meeting.
  • Select an Event Type from the pulldown menu.
  • Enter a brief description of your event in the Event Description field, to be displayed on the calendar.
  • We strongly recommend including a visual for your event by adding an image widget above or below the text for your description.
  • Answer Yes to the question, “Should this event be displayed on the College’s events calendar that is available publicly on the web?”
  • If needed, identify the requisite time you need to do set-­up and tear-­down for your event.

Once your event is confirmed via the reservation system, you can proceed to add it to the online events calendar following these instructions.


2. Request a poster from College Communications

One of the most popular services the publications team provides is creating posters. To help them ensure you receive the best work they can produce in a timely fashion, please use the office's poster-order form.


3. Alert the News Team in College Communications

A staff of former journalists in College Communications operates as a news bureau, reporting about the news and events of Franklin & Marshall throughout the week. These stories appear in the F&M Newsroom and often are highlighted on the College's home page. In addition, news about events that would be of interest to the broad community beyond F&M often is converted into a press release and distributed to local, regional or national media, depending on the nature of the event and the preferences of the organizers and/or invited guests (See #4 below).

Your item also may appear in The Diplomat, the College's weekly email newsletter that includes highlights of some of the week's top news stories reported by the staff in College Communications throughout the academic year. It includes  newsworthy events and individuals in the College community.

If you would like to propose your event as a story idea, email the News Team at news@fandm.edu. The staff cannot guarantee that every proposed idea will become a story, but they give careful consideration to every idea submitted.


4. If the public and news media are invited, alert the Director of Media Relations

The director of media relations oversees the College's external news outreach and announces public events to calendar listing editors of all the regional media, including e-newsletters, print, radio and TV. Print announcements include submissions, at least one month in advance, to both major daily and regional community newspapers. For artistic events or lectures, the director also sends announcements to media organizations that have long lead times, such as regional monthly lifestyle magazines. These magazines require event information three months in advance. Each media outlet may or may not choose to run the event as a calendar listing.

For high-profile lecturers, performers and art exhibitions, organizers should contact the director of media relations for advice and guidance about outreach to  local media. Organizers should alert the director at least a month in advance to ensure that media needs may be assessed and accommodated. 

Contact Kevin Burke, Vice President for Communications, at 717-358-3904.

In addition, consider listing the event in LancasterOnline, the website of LNP.


5. Engage through social media

The College’s social media coordinator will often promote events that have been added to the online calendar and shared with the news team, however you should reach out separately if you want to make sure your event gets considered for social media posts.