Start Spreading the News

The office's primary vehicle for sharing stories of the people, events and initiatives of the College is the F&M Newsroom.

Our news staff comprises professional writers and journalists dedicated to conveying the ways in which the College is committed to excellence in academics and scholarship and providing a supportive community that helps prepare students for lifelong learning and achievement. Members of the campus community should email to suggest stories for F&M News. These emails reach multiple members of our staff. Not all ideas will generate stories, but we welcome ideas from all members of the campus community.

Individuals interested in receiving regular updates of news as it is posted to the site may sign up to have news delivered via an RSS feed. Highlights of news published during the week are sent to members of the campus community and other subscribers via the weekly email newsletter, The Diplomat.

We showcase in-depth articles and stories of interest to alumni, parents and friends of the College in Franklin & Marshall Magazine, produced quarterly by the office. Alumni, parents and friends of the College also receive the e-newsletter F&M Headlines monthly during the academic year. 

Print Services

The Office of Communications works in partnership with offices and departments in the Franklin & Marshall community to develop a variety of printed products to meet your strategic communications needs. 

In line with the academic mission and strategic priorities of F&M, the Office of Communications is attentive to the imperative to devote resources to projects that enable Franklin & Marshall to enhance the visibility of our academic excellence and scholarship, recruit talented students, demonstrate the value of a liberal arts education to broad audiences, and engage alumni, parents and external stakeholders. 

Among the most commonly requested print publications are posters and event programs, but our office also fulfills requests for brochures, informational mailings, invitations and catalogs. This includes the College's full suite of admission and recruitment communications and alumni engagement and fundraising communications.

The Office of Communications may refer offices on occasion to other resources to serve publications needs that don't require the support of professional communications. Advances in desktop publishing and the ease of using the ever-improving design templates in Excel, Word and PowerPoint enable offices to produce professional products for these purposes:  

  • Instructional guides
  • Reports for meetings with campus audiences
  • Publications for small informational or procedural gatherings

Production Schedule Overview

To provide you with the most accurate and professionally designed product, we require appropriate lead time to fulfill requests. Please refer to the following timelines when you are considering a request for a publication, keeping in mind that these are minimum guidelines only; more complex projects will have a longer schedule to accommodate content development and revisions.


Provide text copy and image(s) one week (seven days) prior to the date you need to have the posters in hand (generally one to two weeks ahead of the event). This time is required to accommodate design, development and printing.

Example: Your posters must be in hand by Feb. 20. Copy and image(s) would be due Feb. 13.

Please note: Due to size, color and style constraints, the office only prints posters it designs.

Order posters online


Provide copy and image(s) two weeks (14 days) prior to the date you wish to mail the invitation or postcard. Please keep in mind that third-class mail, the College's preferred method, takes the Post Office about two weeks to deliver. Deadlines are set to ensure there is sufficient time for the invitation or postcard to reach its destination in a timely fashion.

Example: Invitation or postcard must be mailed on March 20. Copy and image(s) would be due March 6.

Event programs

Provide copy and image(s) three weeks (21 days) prior to date of event. This time is required to accommodate design, development and printing by external vendors that require the College to schedule time on their presses. Projects with multiple pages such as these require more "drying time" of the inked pages before the booklets can be packaged and delivered.

Example: On-campus event is April 24. Copy and image(s) would be due April 3.


While the amount of production time required varies based on the complexity of the brochure or catalog, the general rule is to provide copy and image(s) four weeks (28 days) prior to the date you need to have the brochure in hand. This time is required to accommodate design, development and printing by external vendors that require the College to schedule time on their presses. Longer projects such as these require more significant "drying time" of the inked pages before the booklets can be packaged and delivered.

Example: Brochure must be in hand on Jan. 29. Copy and images would be due Jan. 1.

Signage Inserts

Communications works with Facilities & Operations to provide updated inserts for building directories, office/room signage and cubicle/desk indicators.

Order inserts online


To Initiate a Project

A member of the publications team is available to consult with you on your publications project and help you maximize results based on your budget. Call Director of News and Publications Jason Klinger (717-358-3913) or Production Manager Anita Focht (717-358-4008) to set up a brief consultation.

Please see Web Content and Multimedia Support for the services related to electronic newsletters and other forms of electronic publications.


Business Cards and Stationery

Faculty and professional staff may order customized cards, letterhead and envelopes using the following forms: