The Office of Communications oversees the design and content for the top levels of the Franklin & Marshall College website, and provides design and direction for other electronic communications, such as electronic newsletters and emails intended for external audiences that serve the College's goals of recruiting extraordinary student talent, engaging parents and alumni, or engaging external stakeholders in the academic mission and strategic priorities of the institution.

The Office of Communications may refer offices on occasion to other resources to serve electronic publications needs that don't require the support of professional communications. These include:

  • Emails for the campus community about administrative or programmatic updates (please see the College's Bell & Tower campus community newsletter that allows offices and programs to submit items to provide the campus with this news)
  • Requests for text updates to existing website content maintained by an office or department

Web Content Support

The Office of Communications provides consulting services for academic departments and offices for new websites or Web pages, and enhancements to existing websites. Based on the nature of the project, we provide advice and guidance on production timelines. We coordinate with ITS if necessary, and help with implementation if needed.

Video Production

The Communications office directs and produces videos that support the College’s strategic goals of recruiting qualified students, increasing loyalty of and raising funds from alumni, parents and friends, and enhancing the image and influence of the College among audiences beyond campus.

For video projects that are outside the above-mentioned scope, we hire external vendors and pass along the charges to the requesting department, as appropriate. Such projects include event recordings, training or orientation videos, interviews, and so on. We help offices and academic departments get quotes from these external vendors, and coordinate the project if commissioned.

Social Media Support

The office manages F&M's primary social media pages and provides guidelines for units requesting to establish department-level pages. Please see Social Media at F&M for more information.

E-newsletters and Electronic Communications Support

The Office of Communications offers design support for development of e-newsletters for departments with the resources to provide their own content for routine distribution of the newsletters. The office provides editing support for select strategic newsletters that reach wide external audiences. We also develop strategic email communications as outreach to specific large audiences the College once reached solely through print communications, namely prospective students, alumni and parents. E-mail communications meet many of the same standards for content development and review as print publications, and require similar time for creative concept development, effective messaging and editing for accuracy.

Production Schedule Overview 

Web development: Please request a consultation, as the schedule will be determined by the complexity of the content. Text pages require less time than integration of surveys, forms, etc.

Video production: Please request a consultation, as the schedule will be determined by the goals of the piece and such factors as the number of individuals involved, the length of the video, availability of locations for shooting, etc.

Social media support: One day or same-day to receive feedback or advice regarding an immediate concern about a posting on an existing page; three to five days for consultation about establishing a new platform; and two weeks (14 days) to advise on and coordinate development of new social media channels or sites.

E-newsletters: Three weeks (21 days) from date of receipt of content for design and implementation. This includes necessary time for HTML development and content testing.

Emails: One week (7 days) from date of receipt of content (messaging, information and goals) for writing, editing, review and distribution.

To Initiate a Project

A member of the multimedia team is available to consult with you on your Web or multimedia project. Call Director of Web Content and Multimedia Srirupa Dasgupta (717-358-3869) to arrange a brief consultation.