A multifaceted approach to literature

The Comparative Literary Studies minor at Franklin & Marshall differs from comparative literature programs at other colleges by employing multiple points of view reflecting our major fields of study.

With topical courses such as Medicine and Law in Arts and Literature and Doctors and Patients in Arts and Literature, we cut across historical and national boundaries to get to the core ideas shared by humanity.

Participants in this new program benefit from the diverse range of faculty available on our liberal arts campus.

We make it a point to break down the artificial boundaries that sometimes separate fields of knowledge, to promote deeper levels of understanding when applied to literature from ancient times to the present day, across linguistic and national boundaries.

Our interdisciplinary approach enables us to teach courses with multiple faculty members from different academic departments. The variety of the instructors’ methodologies and points of view enriches the interpretation of the foundational works we explore.

The study of genres, periods, and themes across diverse cultures promotes “liberal education” in its truest sense, by enabling students to see beyond the parochial constraints of any single literary tradition.


Story 9/28/2021

Translating (Перевести) Russian Works in English

When Professor Jon Stone started a project to translate a series of Russian stories in 2018,  a student assistant's research work helped him land a publishing contract.

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Story 11/9/2018

Italian hip hop artist visits F&M for classes and concert

Amir Issaa, Italian hip hop artist, activist, and educator, visited F&M for a series of class visits and conversations with students of Italian and an interactive rap concert on November 6, 2018.

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Story 4/23/2018

Professor Aronowicz: Always Sought Connection With Students...

For Annette Aronowicz, retiring this year as the Robert F. and Patricia G. Ross Weis Professor of Judaic Studies, her instruction and research at Franklin & Marshall College explored religious...

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Story 3/29/2016

Author to Share his Thoughts on 'Writing, Humor and...

Algerian-born Amara Lakhous, author of five novels including "A Dispute over an Very Italian Piglet," will visit Franklin & Marshall College April 1 for a public reading of his works and a lecture on...

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