2018 Summer Policies

F&M Conferences & Events Policies and Procedures –

Effective Summer 2018

1. Check-in and check-out times for all camps are to follow the schedule below:

        Check-in:             2-4 p.m.

        Check-out:          9-11 a.m.

2. Final numbers are to be provided to the Director of Conference & Events no less than two weeks before check-in. These numbers are firm, and the client will be assessed fees based on these numbers. If camp numbers increase, billing will be adjusted accordingly.

3. As in previous years, no facilities charges are to be assessed beyond a camp’s per diem charge, which includes use of approved spaces. However, if a camp requests use of a facility beyond 11 a.m. on their check-out day, facility use will be assessed  an additional per hour or part of an hour and the camp is required to purchase lunch for participants checked in at that time. No facilities may be used beyond 5 p.m. on a check-out day without accruing an additional night’s fee.

4. We will no longer be accepting cash deposits for keys/fobs in 2018. Should the camp request participants pay a deposit, deposits will only be accepted in the form of a check. For any key/fob picked up without a check deposit, the camp will assume financial responsibility for any unreturned key/fob.  In 2019 and beyond, we will not accept any deposits from camp participants. Please plan accordingly.

5. There are no refunds for individual missed meals, including late check-ins or early check-outs.

6. If the camp or conference as a whole will be missing a meal, that meal cost may be credited only if approved at least two weeks prior to arrival by the Director of Conferences & Events. A final guest count will need to be provided at this time and will be submitted to Dining Services.

7. If a participant leaves early or is a no-show, he or she will be removed from billing on the day following their departure.

8. Each camp may utilize up to two rooms for non-habitation free of charge, and the third room onward will accrue a fee. Any dorm room requested for non-habitation purposes (e.g., office, storage, etc.) will be assessed an additional fee per day of use.

9. Linens issued in linen packs may be washed by the camp or participant during the camp, but F&M does not supply additional linens or wash linen packs during camps unless towel replacement is arranged ahead of time. Please see the pricing chart for towel replacement charges.


Day Rate vs. Night Rate – What’s the Difference?

An important point in planning for your camp or conference is to understand how F&M’s billing rate works. Because we include facility fees in your per diem rate, we charge by day (per diem) and not by night (per noctem). This means that you will pay a partial day rate for both your check-in and check-out day. We have dropped the per diem on those days to acknowledge a reduced use of campus facilities. Therefore, if you have a three-night, four-day camp, you will pay a rate for four days. Again, check-in and check-out days have reduced per diems to fairly charge for facility use.


What does my per diem include?

For ease of billing and client peace of mind, F&M has a generous per diem inclusion. The agreed-upon per diem includes the following:

  1. Three meals daily at the Restaurant at Ben Franklin dining hall;
  2. Overnight accommodations in double occupancy room; and
  3. All approved facility use.

On arrival day and departure day, you will pay a reduced per diem. Arrival day includes dinner, facility use, and overnight accommodations in double occupancy room. Departure day includes breakfast and facility use until 11 a.m. at the latest.

Additional charges will be assessed for requests not included in the per diem, including, but not limited to, the following:

linen service, facility usage after 11 a.m. on checkout day, water service, towel replacement, single rooms, and dorm rooms used for purposes other than overnight accommodation. 

Summer 2018 Camp/Conference Request Form