North & South Ben Franklin Hall


 The main dining hall, the Restaurants at Ben Franklin, is situated between North and South Ben Franklin Halls. North Ben Franklin is also one of the largest residence halls on campus. It can house over 200 people. Mulenburg(A), Mull(B), Rauch(C), and Shaeffer(D) are the four floors that make up North Ben.

South Ben Franklin can also house over 200 people. Atlee(A), Dubbs(B), Klein(C), and Kunkel(D) are the floors that make up South Ben.

Each residence hall has a common lounge on each floor. There is also a central laundry room in the basement of each building. The machines are coin-operated and cost $2.00 per wash and dry for Summer Conferences & Events guests. 

The residence halls are air-conditioned. Each room is cooled through central air conditioning. All residence hall rooms are fully furnished. Each room contains a desk, a chair, a dresser, a wardrobe and a twin XL bed for each person. Most rooms are designed for double occupancy. All mattresses are twin XL (80'' x 36''). Regular sheets will not fit.