Schnader Hall 

 Schnader enjoys a prime campus location. From its vantage point on the east end of the quad, Schnader serves as the point which separates the residential quad from the main academic areas of F&M. Schander houses approximately 180 residents. 

Several floors have a small kitchenette to include a small sink, cabinets and a microwave. The central laundry room is in the basement of the building. The machines are coin-operated and cost $2.00 per wash and dry for Summer Conferences & Events guests. 

All residence hall rooms are air conditioned. Each room is cooled through central air conditioning. All rooms are fully furnished. Each room contains a desk, a chair, a dresser, a wardrobe and a twin XL bed for each person. Most rooms are designed for double occupancy. All mattresses are twin XL (80'' x 36''). Regular sheets will not fit.