Collaborative Research Partnertship 

CSEwL and United Way of Lancaster County have partnered to work on a project to assess the health, social, and economic impacts of COVID-19 in Lancaster County. This multidisciplinary study covers the fields of economics, government, public health, sociology, epidemiology, and language learning, and has been designed by the following F&M College researchers:

·      Dr. Jessica G. Cox, Associate Professor. Spanish and Linguistics;

·      Dr. Emily A. Marshall, Assistant Professor. Sociology and Public Health;

·      Dr. Jennifer O. Meyer, Assistant Professor. Government and Public Health;

·      Dr. Harriet Okatch, Assistant Professor. Biology and Public Health; and

·      Dr. Wei-Ting Yen, Assistant Professor. Government

This assessment will be performed through two rounds of surveys by F&M’s Center for Opinion Research. The first round of surveys ran through October 2020. Preliminary results of these surveys will be provided during the Spring 2021. The second round of surveys will take place on February 2021.

CSEwL and United Way of Lancaster County encourage everyone who receives an invitation to respond to the survey to help the county’s various public and private service institutions understand COVID-19’s impact and prepare strategies to address residents’ needs.

Questions/inquiries? Contact:

Ramon Escudero, Director of F&M's Center for Sustained Engagement with Lancaster, CSEwL, or (717) 358-4494.

Kevin M. Ressler, President and CEO of United Way of Lancaster County, or 717-824-8109.