Call for Applications 

Contact Email:

Event Dates: 08/31/2022- 2/28/2023

Entry Deadline: 07/08/2022

The Center for the Sustained Engagement with Lancaster (CSEwL) at Franklin & Marshall College (F&M) is inviting applications for the Social Practice and Community Engagement Artist Residency program. We are looking for an emerging or mid-career artist with demonstrated experience or commitment to social practice and/or community based projects in Lancaster County and/or the City of Lancaster.

Applicants must be from or currently reside, work or study in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. 

Experienced artists for the purposes of this residency are defined as individuals with a regional or national exhibition record, public speaking experience, and an openness to collaboration (prior collaborative experience helpful). They must engage directly with community members in Lancaster City/County and with Franklin & Marshall’s faculty, students and staff. The residency will be based at the Department of Art, Art History and Film with access to studio facilities at the Winter Visual Arts Center (WVAC) and other resources at F&M. The residency will conclude with an exhibition in the Winter Visual Arts Center gallery.

Stipend: $20,000


Social Practice and Community Based Art are two distinct but intersecting methods of working in and with a community. Rooted in empathetic collaboration, civic engagement and critical discourse, both practices use art making as a vehicle for collaboration, communication, and problem solving.  

Social Practice Art involves an artist working in the context of social issues or toward social impact. Often social practice art involves working in a community but may not be restricted by geographic boundaries. Community Based Art is understood as artists working collaboratively with and in a specific community, often geographically bound, on creative and/or artistic projects that address a community-specific social issue. 

In both cases, an artist is working with and in a community. This requires an artist who is open to collaboration, aware of and willing to be trained to deal with their own biases, and willing to navigate challenging environments and tension (within reason) to gain the trust of their community partners. Successful Social Practice projects are non-hierarchical, address/critique systems, not people, and amplify the voices of community members.


Applicants must submit by email the following three documents in PDF. Application will not be complete without all three documents.

Document 1: Statement

Submit a document with following five distinct paragraphs that answer the questions:

1.1. RECOMMENDATIONS : List contact information (email address, phone number, name, title) for three professional references. (These should be from individuals that you have worked with professionally. This does not include friends and/or family unless you worked with them in a professional capacity.)

1.2. STATEMENT OF INTEREST: Describe why you are interested in social practice and community engagement. What interests you specifically about social practice in Lancaster?

1.3. STATEMENT OF PRACTICE: Describe your studio practice. Please include examples of past projects that involved Social Practice and/or Community Engagement and how that did or did not inform your work

1.4. STATEMENT OF PURPOSE: Provide a short project proposal for your residency. What do you hope to accomplish and how? What community groups in Lancaster are you interested in working with? What major issues that impact Lancaster residents do you hope to address?

1.5. STUDIO NEEDS: All residents will receive an office on campus and access to the studio facilities of the WVAC. What studio needs do you foresee? Do you need access to a woodshop? Please be as specific as possible.

Document 2: Curriculum Vitae

Submit a PDF of your Curriculum Vitae/Resume. Please provide a record of your experiences relevant to social practice, community engagement and the arts. Include an exhibition record (this is required).

Document 3: Portfolio

Submit a PDF of your visual work. Include no less that ten (10) and no more than twelve (12 )pieces of art.

Email your complete application (three required documents listed above) to by  Friday July 8th, 2022.