• Dr. Danish Khan received his PhD in Economics from University of Massachusetts-Amherst.
Assistant Professor of Economics



Office: Stager 331


Danish Khan is an Assistant Professor and Mellon High Impact Emerging Scholar in the Economics Department of Franklin & Marshall College. He is also a co-Director of "The Inequality, Poverty, Power & Social Justice" Initiative. (https://www.fandm.edu/economics/the-inequality-poverty-power-and-social-justice-initiative)

Danish did his PhD in Economics from University of Massachusetts-Amherst and Bachelors in Economics and International Studies from University of Utah. Danish's research and teaching interests lie in political economy and economic development. In particular, his current research work focuses on  processes of urban development, rural-urban interlinkages, labor regimes, theories of postcolonial state and social reproduction.

He has received the Stephen A Resnick Award from the Association of Social and Economic Analysis and John Kenneth Galbraith Dissertation Award from the Economics Department of University of Massachusetts-Amherst. Previously, Danish has taught at the Economics Department of Bucknell University. 

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Khan, Danish. 2021. “Political Economy of Uneven State-Spatiality: Conflict, Class and Institutions in Postcolonial State of Pakistan.” Rethinking Marxism: A Journal of Economics, Culture and Society 33(1): 52-70.

Khan, Danish. 2020. “Rethinking informal labor in peripheral capitalism: the dynamics of surplus, market, and spatiality.” Labor History 61(3-4): 320-334 (with Shahram Azhar).

Khan, Danish. 2018. “Urban Development by Dispossession: Planetary Urbanization and Primitive Accumulation.” Studies in Political Economy 99(3): 307-330 (with Anirban Karak)..




Political Economy of Urban Development

Political Economy of Inequality 

Intro to Economic Principles