• Profile: Dr. David M. Brennan
Professor of Economics



Office: STA330


University of Notre Dame        2000 Ph.D.            Economics
 University of Notre Dame        1997 M.A.            Economics
  University of Miami            1990 B.B.A.            Economics



Research Areas:

Political Economy, Financial Crisis and Policy, Corporate Governance, Pensions, History of Economic Thought, Feminist Economics, Marxian Economics

Research in Progress:

“A Kaleckian Investigation of U.S. Profitability” 


2018. “Regimes of Realization: Using Marx and Kalecki to Understand the U.S. Economy, Including the Great Recession and the ‘Recovery’.” Review of Radical Political Economics,  50 no. 4: 757-772.

2017. Routledge Handbook of Marxian Economics, ed. D. Brennan, D. Kristjanson-Gural, C. Mulder, and E. Olsen, London: Routledge.  

2017. “The Capitalist Firm.”  For the Routledge Marxian Handbook of Economics, ed. D. Brennan, D. Kristjanson-Gural, C. Mulder, and E. Olsen, London: Routledge.  

2013. “Too Bright for Comfort: A Kaleckian View of Profit Realization in the U.S. from 1964 to 2009.” Cambridge Journal of Economics, 38, 239-255.

2013. “If Class Transformation Can Happen There, It Can Happen….” Symposium on Unions and Class Transformation: The Case of the Broadway Musicians.  Rethinking Marxism: A Journal of Economics, Culture & Society, 25 no. 1: 109-113.

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2006. “Defending the Indefensible? Culture’s role in the productive/unproductive dichotomy.” Feminist Economics, 12, no. 3: 403-425.
(Voted “Best New Journal” by the Council of Editors of Learned Journals, 1997) 

2005. “‘Fiduciary Capitalism,’ the ‘Political Model of Corporate Governance,’ and the Prospect of Stakeholder Capitalism in the U.S.” Review of Radical Political Economics, 37, no. 1: 39-62.

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Course Information

ECO 103: Economic Perspectives
ECO 105: Introduction to Microeconomics
ECO 210: Economic Statistics
ECO 370: Financial Crisis

ECO 303: Marxian Crisis
CCS 128: Cultivating Critique
CCS163/FND 151: What is Work?