A Primer on Urban Renewal 

On September 12, 1965 the Lancaster Redevelopment Authority published as its annual report an eight-page supplement to the Lancaster New Era. Prepared for "Educational Purposes" because "too few Lancastrians are familiar with the pockets of blight and decay that exist around them," the photographs, drawings, maps, and text attempted to explain why urban renewal was necessary, the various projects being undertaken, what urban renewal would accomplish in Lancaster, and the procedures of the authority.

Three of eight pages of the supplement, depicting, respectively, the dimensions of urban blight, the center city commercial renewal projects, and the residential renewal slated for the city's southeast quadrant. Courtesy, Lancaster Newspapers, Inc.

Downtown Lancaster 1980

Part I: The Discovery of Urban Blight
Part II: Imagining a Revitalized City
Part III: A New Commercial Center
Part IV: New Neighborhoods for Old
Urban Renewal in Retrospect