An Aggrieved Protest 

Earl F. Rebman, a prominent Lancaster businessman and civic leader, had been a member of the City Planning commission at the very beginning of urban renewal in Lancaster. A strong supporter of local historic preservation initiatives, Rebman was appalled by the sheer cost to taxpayers of urban renewal and the senseless destruction of so many historic buildings. At his own expense Rebman published a four-page denunciation of the urban renewal process in date

Details of two pages of Rebman's protest. The photographs are of the Higbee School (top) and of Rockland Street (bottom). Rebman did not discuss the publication of this flyer in his 1977 autobiography, The Wagon That Rolled Uphill. Courtesy, Bureau of Planning, City of Lancaster.


The Beginnings of Historic Preservation

Urban Renewal in Retrospect
Urban Renewal and the Changing Face of Lancaster