Buchart Plans for
North Queen Street 

The first plans for a revitalized North Queen Street, prepared in June 1962 for the developer, Second North Queen Corporation, envisioned construction of a convention center (one of the elements of the Downtown Lancaster . . . 1980 plan) with a motor hotel, a large department store, three office buildings, a theater, a retail center, and a parking garage. The aerial perspective, with redeveloped areas shaded, indicates the extent of new building proposed, while the site plans identify the relationship of the respective buildings. The two Queen Street perspectives reveal that with the exception of the office buildings and the proposed motor hotel, the plan attempted to maintain the scale of the earlier cityscape. Courtesy, Buchart-Horn, Inc./BASCO Associates, Ltd., Lancaster and York, Pa.

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Streetscape Elevations

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Artist's Sketches of Intended Effect

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These sketches, prepared by Buchart Engineers, suggest the degree to which the design of suburban malls influenced the planning of the 100 block of North Queen Street. The sketches focus on pedestrian spaces and retail shops, while the figures included in the drawings are predominantly women (often with children), perhaps a subliminal suggestion of safety. Courtesy, Buchart-Horn, Inc./BASCO Associates, Ltd., Lancaster and York, Pa.

Sketches of an Attractive Downtown

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