North Queen Street 1965 

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Aerial View of North Queen Street

The large classical structure near the center is the YMCA, which was designed by C. Emlen Urban and which stood at the northwest corner of North Queen and West Orange streets; the Hotel Brunswick, also designed by Urban, is above it, at the corner of North Queen and East Chestnut streets. Extant structures visible in the photograph include the the Chestnut Street Post Office, to the far left, and the Bell Telephone Building and the new City Hall, both in the upper right. The enormous roof with numerous dormers at the lower right is Central Market. Photograph by Ed Sachs, Aug. 10, 1965. Courtesy, Lancaster Newspapers, Inc.

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North Queen Street Prior to Renewal

A detail from a Sanborn fire insurance map reveals the variety of economic uses that characterized the 100 block of North Queen Street. Four movie theaters, three hotels, the Northern Trust & Savings Company (later the Lancaster National Bank), the YMCA, and various retail and other commercial activities made this a crossroads of downtown Lancaster. Courtesy, Historic Preservation Trust of Lancaster County.

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Streetscape--the West Block

The west side of the 100 block of North Queen Street. The view looking north (top) includes such structures as the Northern Savings & Trust Company, Coe Camera Shop, the Capitol Theater, the Earle Hotel, and Boyd's Colonial Theater; the view looking south (bottom) includes the Imperial Bar, Boyd's Theater, and the streetscape extending to the Griest Building at Penn Square. Note the Romanesque Revival details above the entrance to the Earle Hotel. Photographs by Ed Sachs, July 8, 1965. Courtesy, Lancaster Newspapers, Inc.

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Streetscape--the East Block

The east side of the 100 block of North Queen Street. The view looking north (top) includes examples of High Victorian commercial architecture, while that looking south, with the Brunswick at the corner, provides a valuable perspective on the streetscape. Undated photographs, c. 1965. Courtesy, Lancaster Newspapers, Inc.

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