North Queen Street 

Second North Queen constructed the core of Gruen's plan--the concrete superstructure defining Lancaster Square--but proved unable to attract the retail and office development essential to the success of the project.

North Queen Clearance--Phase II

Aerial photograph showing the completely demolished 100 block of North Queen Street. The new Hilton Hotel (today the Brunswick) rises on the site of the old Brunswick. Photograph Nov. 1969. Courtesy, Lancaster Newspapers, Inc.

The Gruen Plan Under Construction

By November 1968 the land on both sides of North Queen Street had been cleared and the first parcel, the site of the Hilton Hotel, had been turned over to the private developer, Second North Queen Corporation. By the summer of 1969 Lancaster Square was beginning to take shape: the new Statler Hilton (begun Nov. 1968) was nearing completion and the Stanley Warner Theater was rising next to i. But this was only the beginning: in the next two years, Second North Queen and the E. E. Murry Construction Company would build the Duke and Prince Street parking garages, Hess's Department Store, and enclose the square in a three-story concrete superstructure. Construction photographs courtesy, Buchart-Horn, Inc./BASCO Associates, Ltd., Lancaster and York, Pa., and Bureau of Planning, City of Lancaster

Constructing a New Public Space

The Gruen Plan: A Dream Half-Realized

Gruen's plan provided amenities for the pedestrian as well as the automobile, while its covered and heated arcades sheltered shoppers from the elements. It included an attractively landscaped commercial center as well as a space suited for recreation and entertainment. Photographs of the elements of Lancaster Square, late summer 1971. Courtesy, Buchart-Horn, Inc./BASCO Associates, Ltd., Lancaster and York, Pa.


North Queen Street, 1965
Buchart Plans for North Queen Street, 1962
The Demolition of North Queen Street
Victor Gruen's Plans for a New Commercial Center
Failure of Commercial Renewal

Part IV: New Neighborhoods for Old