Franklin & Marshall College:
Vignettes from the 1850s 

A Documentary Project

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Goethian Hall, Old Main, and Diagnothian Hall, erected 1853-1856


Student Projects:

Second Salutatory, by S.C. Remsberg, Middletown, Md., First Annual Commencement of Franklin & Marshall College, August 30, 1853, transcribed and edited by Josh Corless '97

Diary of Frederick Pilgrim, Nov. 5-Dec. 1, 1860, transcribed & edited by Kevin Gritzer, '98.

Student Behavior. Minutes of the Faculty investigating an incident of student drinking at Cooper's Tavern and other establishments that occurred during commencement week, 1856, transcribed & edited by Raymond Hamway, Jr., '98.

The Expulsion of the American Indians From their Domains, an essay by L. J. Mayer, class of 1858, transcribed and edited by Melissa P. Hatten, '98.

Progress of America, an essay by Henry M. Herman, class of 1860, transcribed and edited by Melissa P. Hatten, '98.

Undergraduate Statements About Woman's Sphere, essays "Woman" by Milton H. Hockman, class of 1860, and "Influence of Women," by Horace A. Yundt, class of 1859, transcribed and edited by Jennifer Podkul '98.