Diary of Frederick Pilgrim 

Franklin & Marshall College Nov. 5 - Dec. 1, 1860

November the 5th 1860

Weather - beautiful. Levelled the College street from 8 'o clock to 10 in the morning. Had quite a spirited time of it. Was present at all recititations. Facts - Tiberius, the second Emporer in the Augustus line, was the first Roman General that crossed the Elbe, a river in Germany. Bought a book for the G. S. La. S. in the afternoon. Fixed a wardrobe in the third story. Studied the remainder of the day. After supper, visited Mr. Dundore, for the purpose of practicing a little on the melodian. Was exceedingly gratified to sing the song entitled, "Ever of thee I am fondly dreaming. This has been one of the finest days , we have" ever had. Had a great deal to study yet in the evening. Rev. Wagner, a late student of the Theological Sem. took supper with us. This being the day before the election day for the Presidency, I was moved with great anticipations, which of the four candidates would be elected. There was a great probability that Lincoln would be elected for the Presidency.

Nov. the 6th Favorable and somewhat colder--

This being the election day, there was a great commotion and excitement amongst the students concerning the election of a president. Received a letter from Brother in law Lewis containing 12 postage stamps. Fact - The general belief that Horseshoes being thrown into the water become snakes, is a superstitious one. Went to college in the afternoon; took out a book of the literary [society] and declaimed There was very little excitement in this place. The Republican Party are doing their best to defeat the Democratic party. I have no doubt that they will gain their point. Old Abe Lincoln will undoubtedly be elected.

November the 7th 1860

Somewhat cloudy in the morning, but towards the evening the sky was clear. Received a letter from Mr. Gehr [?] in the morning. Was not altogether pleased with it. Having arrived at College, I perceived that the students were very much engaged in perceiving the true result of the election and in hurrying for the supposed elected candidate. Was informed that Berks County gave a plurality vote for Lincoln. Philad., my home, 9000 majority; New York City 28000 majority for Breckenridge. Lincoln has won upwards of 170 electoral votes. Bell carried four states, as far as known. Douglass is not calculated to carry one state. Poor old Douglass!! Received a package from home containing bedding, a Classical Dictionary, and a good Cake, baked by my dear mother.

November the 8th

Weather - Cold and cloudy - Went up to College the same as usual - On account of the absence of the Prof. of History "Koeppen, who was said to have gone to Phila. - to an Historical Supper, the History recitation was ommited. Came home at 11 'o clock. Presented a piece of cake, received from my kind mother, to each of my friends. After this we proceeded to sing 3 - 4 hymns. After dinner, I was surprised by my friend,"Schoedler, who handed to me a poem in the German La. composed by him" for our singing. In the morning I commenced my poem on Napoleon.

Nov. 9th

Weather - Raining - It ceased however during the day. Went to College at 8 'o clock A.M. Prof. Porter seemed exceeding jovial. Perhaps the Junior Class had livened him up. Returned home, at 11 'o clock, to composition. At half after 1 'o clock, we went up to the G. L. S. A good many of the members failed in their appointments. The debate, however, proved to be a very interesting one. The debaters were Schultz and Fox. The question: "....... ......... .......... ..........." It was discussed very well. Finished my poem after I had returned. The evening proved to turn out very disagreeable.

Nov. 10th

Cloudy and raining - Went to the society as usual. The meeting was very slim, on account of the cricket match, of the students, and of the Millersville students, which was to take place in the afternoon. Mr. John. Wagner, student of Theology, and one of our honorary graduate members, gave us a few remarks, on the progress of our society. The short speech was delivered in a manner pleasing to every true Goethian. Delivered my poem. Was appointed on a debate. Question: "Is poverty better for the development of character than riches. There were very few failures of appointments. All the members seem to take an active interest in the performances. Several very witty anonymous contributions were read before the society. The President elect delivered his inaugural address. Studied Latin in the afternoon; wrote a letter for Lewis; went to Post - Office, and paid a visit to Mr. Noss. Had an interesting conversation with him. Returned at about half after 8 'o clock. At about 10 'o clock it commenced to rain and continued almost until morning. There is exceedingly much rain in this season.

Nov. 11th

Sabbath. Cloudy and raining when we went to church. Went to the chapel in the morning. Preaching by Prof. Apple on the subject of the song of Moses and the Lamb. Attended Sunday School in the afternoon. Prof. Apple officiated in the chatacetical clas. The subject of the contemplations was the 10th commandment and remarks on the ten commandments in general. In the evening, attended worship at the first Lutheran Church, on which occasion Mon. John Wagner one of our members, delivered a sermon on the text: Verily, verily, except a man be born again, he can not enter into the kingdom of heaven. The sermon was very good for a beginner. The church was pretty well filled. This was rather a gloomy Sabbath.

Nov. 11th

A clear sky and one of the most beautiful days we have had this fall. Went to College at 9 'o clock. Was delighted a great deal by the weather. Recited in Latin. Horace - Missed the History recitation. Came home at 11 'o clock. Studied Greek before and after dinner. Took a little walk in the afternoon. Wrote several letters. The weather began to get colder in the evening. The Romans considered the orbis terrarium., as the whole surface of the earth and mundus as the celestial globe. The watchmen of Lancaster City are a real nuisance to the inhabitants of the place, on account of their detestible hollowing out of the hour of night. Wrote a piece in Albert's Authographer's book.

Nov. 12th

Weather - Fine and clear sky all day. Went to College at 9 'o clock. Returned from College at 12 'o clock. Went up in the afternoon and commenced my duties as Sublibrarian. We cited Sacred History to Dr. Gerhart. After worship returned home. Purchased 2 tickets for the Howard Lectures, which is an institution, having for its object, with its means to assist in relieving the poor from their distressed state. The Dr. delivered the first Lecture in this season. His theme was: Can the affections of the heart be cultivated by a process of training. After he had delivered his address, the question was left open for a debate, as it is generally the case on such evening. There were several who gave us their opinion on the subject. But, unfortunately the gas lights went out, and we had a great fuss made.

Nov. 13th

The weather was very beautiful. This being the day for the Senior Orations, we were exempt from our duties. The exercises commenced at half after 9 'o clock and continued until 12 A.M. Orations were gived by Davis, Creamer, Fox, Eberle, Heller, Gillford, ........... . They all had very good orations and also delivered them pretty well. The exercises were apppropriately interspersed by a Musical, performed by a club, recently organized amongst the students. The music gave general satisfaction to the auditors. There were a number of ladies in attendance. It seems that our alma mater is improving more every year, which can be noticed in the present graduating class. May she continue to be the faithful nursery, and raise up many a pliable twig, who shall be our ornament to the church and the state. From this constitution have gone forth already streams of life, and I trust, they will continue to do so.

Nov. 14

Very fine weather - Arose in the morning at a little after 4 'o clock. Think it is very healthy to rise early in the morning. Shall try to observe this rule henceforth, as much as I am able. Went to College at 9 A.M. Recited Latin, Greek, and History. Studied Mathematics and Latin in the afternoon. Took a good walk with Schultz about town. Lost one day.

Nov. 16

Weather, beautiful - Arose at 5 'o clock in the morning. Felt very well; and think it is very beneficial for students to rise early. Studied Mathematics in the morning. It being Saturday, I went to College at 8 'o clock A.M. Returned at 11 'o clock. After dinner I went with D. E. Schoedler to his boardinghouse, and after he had his dinner, we went together to College, for the meeting of the G. L. S. Had quite an interesting meeting. Schoedler, having come to the society for the first time, passed some good criticism and debated on the question: ............ ............ ........... . He was elected as Sec. of the society. The G. Soc. is gaining rapidly, and I hope, its influence will soon be noticed amongst the students. Studied Latin in the evening, and had a somewhat lengthened discussion on the use of the G. L. We, however agreed on our point at the end.

Nov. 17

Saturday. Cloudy and indicating rain. Arose at half after 5 'o clock in the morning. Enjoy very good health at the present time. Went to the meeting of society as usual. Had an appointment. There was a very good attendance of members. I was extremely delighted when I surveyed the large and intelligent body of Goethian brethren. Some of the members failed to perform their duties. Friend Schoedler read his noted essay on Woman. The debate was rather poorly discussed by some of the members. We were honored by the presence of one of our Honorary Members, Rev. Applebee, Pastor of the Episcopal Church of this place. There seems to pervade our society a spirit of industry, which will result undoubtedly in the improvement and advancement of the members. Society dismissed at 1/4 before 12 'o clock. It proved a very interesting meeting. May the appropriate motto ....... ......... urge the members to perform their duties incumbent upon them faithfully and with credit to themselves.

Nov. 18th Sabbath

Rainy but it cleared off towards night. Arose at half after 6 'o clock. Went to church at College as usual. Preaching by the Dr. He preached a very excellent sermon, advancing the view that the grace of God is working in the man before he is converted. That the death of Christ was not only one part of the salvation of mankind, but that it was the chief part. The exposition was very pleasing to me; and I never before heard of a similar one. In the afternoon I went to the ........ Class. We had the Doctor for a teacher. Went to the G. K. C. The house was very full. Having arrived at house, I studied my Sacred History. Visited the Moravian Church and partook of the Sacrament with them. Visited .... in the evening.

Nov. the 19th Monday

In the morning, the sky indicated rain, but towards noon the clouds disappeared and we were hailed by a cloudless sky. Arose at half past 5 in the morning. Studied after breakfast. Went to College as usual. Recited Mathematics, Latin, and History. Returned home at 12 'o clock. Took a walk about town with Schultz after dinner. After this, I studied Greek and Geology. Went out after supper and bought a quart of fluid. Participated in playing the second violin in a Trio. Commenced to write a composition on City Life. May the Lord retain the effects of the of the impression within me, produced on the Sabbath previous.

Nov 20. Tuesday

A cool and refreshing morning. But towards the afternoon the cold increased and it was quite cold in the evening. Arose in the morning between 6 and 7 'o clock. Enjoyed pretty good health. Went to College at 9 A.M. Recited Geology, Latin, and German. Had the subject of nutrition and mastication. Was called up by Prof. Nevin for the review. Learned from Prof. Koepper, that ..... ...... was a good French scholar, and decided to speak the G. L. because the language had not yet developed itself. At the appointed time, I went up to College to comply with the duties of a Sub. Librarian. Recited S. H. to Dr. Gerhart, but being detained after the beginning, we did not go over the whole lesson. Went to the Howard meeting and heard the subject of recitation. The subject was amply discussed.

Nov. the 21. Wednesday

Weather - Somewhat cloudy and uncommonly cold. Arose at 6 'o clock. Studied Latin before breakfast. After breakfast, resumed my studies and finished my Latin lesson. Then I prepared for the Senior Orations which came off in the morning. I accordingly went to College. I found, that the ladies of Lancaster were well represented. The speeches or orations were delivered by the following gentlemen: Hibshman Jr., Hoffmeyer, Reinoch, Raber, Shalter, Sheip, Snyder, and Stein. They all acquitted themselves very creditably. They will undoubtedly have a good graduating class. The music was very cheering and enlivining. The band played much better than the Wednesday previous. Arrived home at 12 'o clock. Was very much pleased with the whole exercise. Some of the speakers produced quite a sensation. Had sourcrout for dinner. The Dr. visited the clubhouse in the afternoon. He expressed himself to be quite well satisfied with the arrangement and managements of the club. Stidied Greek and Latin in the afternoon.

Nov. the 22. Thursday

A fine and exceedingly beautiful day. Arose at 6 A.M. Studied Latin and Greek before I went to College. Recited in Latin, Greek, and German. The history class was rather noisy. After dinner, we had a meeting of the club. The meeting having adjurned, I took a little walk with Dieffenbacher and Schultz around town. Translated Horace with Dieffenbacher. Took a walk with Van Haugen after supper. Was informed that Dr. Bomberger's wife had died. These were sad news! Paid a visit to Dundore; and there we had some good singing. But Dr. unfortunately broke the glass of his lamp.

Nov. the 23. Firday

It was unpleasant and rainy. Arose at about 6 A.M. Studied Mathematics and Latin in the morning before I went to College. Recited G. P., Math, and Latin. Prof. Porter told us to hurry to the review. After dinner I went to the G. L. S. but unfortunately, we had no quorum; consequently we all went home again. On coming home, I was informed by ..... , to come to the Dr. in the evening, because he wished to ask me concerning the leader of the singing on Sabbath. Accordingly I went to him, and took upon myself the singing. There was a very wet day, very much. It rained almost the whole day. Having no good books, I got wet feet several times. Wrote a letter to Mon. Gehr. Two men, having been tried for kidnapping, were found guilty and sentenced to 5 years in Lancaster prison.

Nov. 24 Saturday

Having had a pretty long sleep, I arose at about 6 'o clock. The rain, of which we had plenty on the day previous, had ceased and the wind came blowing from the N. W., which always proves to be a very severe customer. It was very cold, when we went up to College. We passed through all the excercises except the debate, which was dispensed with, on account of the cold hall. There were some very severy and abusive anonymous communication read. If motion was made and carried to procure a new heater, and I hope, on the coming Saturday, we may enjoy warmth. Society was dismissed at about 10 'o clock. In the afternoon, I went over my latin and some part of the Mathematics and wrote a letter to my sister. After supper I went to take the letter to the post office and then paid a visit at Mr. Noss' boardinghouse. Here I found Schoedler busily engaged in convincing Mon. Fiegler, that it was wrong in belonging to a secret lodge. Shortly afterwards, Mon. Hunty, a member of our class come in for the puspose of paying a visit to Mon. Noss. Schoedler attempted to convince him of the truth, But being ignorant of the Church and secret societies, was not able to argue, he could not give his objection. After this, we went and a drink together and returned to our seperate homes. The cold seems to have increased, and it is quite winter like. Studied Surveying after I had come home, and now it is nearly time to return to one's chamber.

Nov. 25. Sunday

Extremely cold and a clear sky. I rose at about 6 'o clock. Went to church as usual. Experienced that it was very cold on the way going to College. The first day, on which I lead singing at college service. We had preaching by Dr. Nevin. He preached a very practical sermon. In consequence of the cold room and the little respect the students had to themselves prompted them to leave the room. Went to Sabbath - school in the afternoon. Prof. Apple officiated in Dr. Gerhart's place. Studied my Sacred History lesson and read a portion of the Bible. It is not quite as cold in the evening as it was in the morning. Went to the Moravian church in the evening. His text was: I have message for thee.

Nov. 26. Monday

Not quite as cold as yesterday. It began to get cloudy. I rose at about half past 6 'o clock. Studied my History lesson after breakfast. The plan of recitation being changed, I went to College at about 9 'o clock. The hours of recitation were put off a half an hour later. Went up in the afternoon since the exercises on Tuesday afternoon were changed to Monday afternoon. Returned at about 5 'o clock. Having made and engagement with Snyder (senior), I went with him to see a lady who lives just across the street. Found another young lady from our neighbor there. We passed a pleasant evening in the society of these ladies. We had plenty of singing and other playing. Think it is very beneficial for a student to go into the company of ladies occasionally. Helped Schoedler move at dinner time. He left his boarding place on account of the noise the students made in his room.

Nov. 27. Tuesday

Weather - Rainy and cloudy. I rose at 6 'o clock in the morning. Studied Geology before breakfast. Went to College as usual. After the regular worship, the Dr. mentioned to the students the necessity of taking precautions against the dangerous leprosy and small pox which is now raging in this place. A great many students are making attempts to leave the city on account of the disease. I, with 5 others of the members of our club were revaccinated by a scab from our cook's daughter. Went to the Howard's lecture this evening. The subject of the lecture was: will the acquistion of new states west of the Rocky Mountains weaken the Union. The question was ably discussed by a number of the learned men of this place, Dr. Gerhart being among their numbers. Judge Champney gave us a very good Douglass speech. He created quite a sensation in the house.

Nov. 28. Wednesday.

Cloudy in the morning, but clear in the afternoon. Went to College as usual. There was a great excitement about the epidemical disease, and many of the students were talking about leaving the city. Some had left already. After the usual morning exercises in chapel, the Dr. called upon Dr. Atlee to give a correct statement about the nature of the disease, and in how great a degree it was raging in this place. He did so, and almost filled up the first hour of the recitation. The excitement is however not yet quite quelled, because the student do not put much faith in Dr. Atlee's statements. Some of the students were excused today to go home. Had a very spirited debate on the use of the word (confounded) being used instead of a curse. Did not come to a definite conclusion since neither was willing to yield. The evening outside proved to be a very pleasant one.

Nov. 29. Thursday

Cloudy in the morning, but bright and clear in the evening. Arose at about half after 6 'o clock in the morning. There was a great excitement amongst the students the whole day. Went with Hagel to Eshbach for the purpose of getting his violin since he was about leaving town. When we got there, to my astonishment we found three of the students engaged in card playing. Having been there a few minutes, Hagel was induced to play with them. They tried also very much to persuade me to play. But I possessed a little more moral courage rather than to degrade myself so low. Went to College. Heard a sermon of Dr. G. on the text: Every good and perfect gift cometh from above. It was an able discourse. Did not feel quite well in the afternoon. I undersigned a petition for the pupose of getting the College exercises suspended. Visited Noss in the evening. Having returned home, I tried to study, but was entirely unable to do anything on account of excitement created by the students about the small pox. Schultz obtained a permit from the Dr. to go home. Several others left this afternoon.

Nov. 30. Friday

The morning was very gloomy and rainy; but towards evening the sky was more or less seen through the clouds. Studied a little before I went to College. On account of the great excitement, I had not studied much of my lessons. Went to College at 8 'o clock. After the usual worship, the Dr. reported his own personal investigations with regard to the prevailing disease. He stated, that he made it his duty to call on 12 different physicians of this place, who told him that the reports about the disease, were false and groundless; that there were not more than 8 cases of the small pox in its fallest degree. Consequently, the reports that have been spread over town are not true, and there is no fear at all. These statements of the Dr. will have a tendency to cease the excitement. Apple is unwell, and talks of going home. Read the history of ..... in the afternoon, and prepared for the debate. Had a debate about Secret Societies with Hagel. Paid a visit to Mon. Noss. Had no meeting of the G. L. S.

December 1. Saturday

The weather was cold and the sky was cloudy. I rose at about 7 'o clock in the morning. Went to the meeting of the society after breakfast. There were quite a number of members absent, and some of them were excused by a vote of society during the progress of the meeting. On account of the cold room, the conventional rules were suspended including only the debate. Orators were then voted for, which resulted in the election of Prof. Taylor Lewis Primarius and Dr. Belthume for Secundus. Society was honored by one of the members of this place, Honorary Member of our society. Read the life of Daniel Webster before dinner, who lives yet in the hearts of all true hearted Americans. He died on the 24th of Nov. 1852 at Marshfield, New hampshire. Went to the Post Office and purchased a paper after dinner. Purchased also something in a drug store, to take out the wart on my brow. Studied Latin in the remainder of the afternoon. Apple is still unwell. Gave up the idea of going home. My money - purse at present is in a very dilapidated condition. Hope however, that it will be replenished before long.