Announcing F&M's         2021 Day of Dialogue 

Belonging:  Nourishing Interconnectedness and Respect at F&M and Beyond

October 6th, 2021

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The Day of Dialogue provides a space for members of the F&Mily to come together and strengthen our concepts of community after a year of global, national and local unrest and social injustice. Our Day of Dialogue will give us the opportunity to recognize our diversity, our commonalities, and our relationships with one another. It allows us to share our views and reflect on the intersectionalities of our identities as we learn from each other. 

Countdown to the 2021 Day of Dialogue has begun! We have a robust program of sessions and workshops covering a wide array of topics and formats. These various activities throughout the Day will give us the chance to explore questions such as:

  • What does it mean to ‘belong’ to the F&M community? 

  • How can we cultivate respect? 

  • How does this shared identity interact and connect with the other identities we bring with us, those we acquire while we are here, and those we hold privately? 

  • How do we understand ourselves and our community in the context of our history? 

  • What is the interconnectedness of our past with our present?  

  • What kinds of actions enable belonging as an ongoing process?

Among the various events scheduled for the day, we have:​

  • An immersive workshop facilitated by the Theatre of the Oppressed  (see video below)

  • A series of workshops called Empathy Circles (see video below)

  • A keynote panel with F&M alumni on their perspectives and experiences of belonging at F&M

  • Over 20 concurrent sessions facilitated by students, faculty, and staff 

These activities will combine virtual, hybrid and in-person experiences to fully engage our community. 

Access the full schedule and detailed session descriptions on the

Day of Dialogue website now!  (limited to F&M account holders) 

2020 Online Performances
How To Take Part in a Basic Empathy Circle (6 min) Shortest Version 1