Celebrating Our Identities, Reinventing Our Community: Oct 5, 2016

Speak. Listen. Share. Respect. Create. Celebrate. Eat. Dance. Understand. Learn. Grow. Transform.


F&M’s 2016 Day of Dialogue aims to create a space and time in which members of the F&M community can come together to explore and reinvent our community. It allows us to embrace our diversity, our commonalities, and our relationships with one another. The day includes events and activities that give us the chance to ask: What does it mean to be a member of the F&M community?  How does this identity, which we all share, interact with the other identities we bring with us, those that we acquire while we are here, and those that we hold privately to ourselves?  How do we understand ourselves in the context of our history and our future?

The Day takes its inspiration from the original F&M Day of Dialogue, held in the Fall of 1991.  On that Day, classes were cancelled and students, faculty, and staff gathered in small and large groups to discuss issues of diversity and inclusion. Twenty-five years later, we are a far more diverse community, and these issues are even more important; hence, the faculty voted to hold a second Day of Dialogue to renew our commitment to being a diverse, inclusive, and welcoming community for all our members.

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We encourage everyone to take a careful look at the program.  Any last minute changes will be reflected in the mobile app. We look forward to seeing everyone on Oct 5!

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Please continue on to the Day of Dialogue planning site to submit a workshop suggestion and to view the schedule for the day as it develops.   We look forward to seeing everyone on October 5th!   

Schedule for the Day

Explore Related Events

The Day of Dialogue is just one event in a series of programs taking place this academic year.  If you have an event to add to this list, be sure to tag your event as a "diversity" event so it will appear on this list. Scroll down on this page for a summary list.  

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Diversity Related Events 2016-2017 
  • Haiti Will Not Perish: A Talk by Michael Deibert, 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM, September 7, 2016, Stager 102 Stahr Auditorium

  • The Two F&Ms: Demography, Culture, Structure, and the F&M Student Experience, Donnell Butler, 4:45 PM -  6:00 PM, September 8, 2016, Academy Room on the 2nd floor of Shadek-Fackenthal Library, Co-sponsored by The Faculty Center, Africana Studies, the Sociology Department, and the First Gen Allies group

  • Dr. Karen Tice Lecture: Gender and Race Politics of Beauty Pageants and Student Bodies in Higher Education, 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM, September 21, 2016, Life Sciences 142 Auditorium, Co-sponsored by the Alice Drum Women’s Center and the Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies Program

  • Islam and Secularism: What is an American Muslim?, Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na’im, 7:00 PM, September 21, 2016, Stager 102 Stahr Auditorium, Sponsored by the Africana Studies Program, International Studies, the Mueller Endowment for Islamic Studies, the Department of Religious Studies, the John Marshall Pre-Law Honor Society, the Muslim Students Association, and the Sudan Institute for Research and Policy

  • Common Hour “Racial Ideology and Racist Practices: Moving Beyond Critique?”, Sally Haslanger, 11:30 AM - 12:35 PM, September 22, 2016, Mayser Gymnasium, Sponsored by the department of Philosophy, Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies, the Africana Studies Program, the Office of Multicultural Affairs, New College House, the Alice Drum Women’s Center, and HIVE

  • Fellowships, Internships and Study Abroad: Opportunities in WGSS. Monica Cable, Sonia Elliot, Sue Mennicke. 11:30am-12:30pm, October 4, 2016. Ware House Great Room. Sponsored by Ware College House, the Office of International Programs, the Office of Student and Postgraduate Development (OSPGD), the Office of Fellowships and the Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies Program.

  • Mueller Fellow Lecture: Searching for a New Equality Beyond Black and White. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. 11:30am-12:35pm, October 6, 2016. Mayser Gymnasium. This event is sponsored by the Paul A. Mueller, Jr. Fellowship

  • A Native Perspective on the Buried History of America. Mark Charles. 11:30am-12:35pm, October 13, 2016. Mayser Gymnasium. Sponsored by the Department of Religious Studies.

  • Diversity in Media: screening of Blaxploitalian: One hundred years of blackness in Italian cinema. Fred Kuwornu. 7:00pm-9:00pm, October 25th, 2016. LSP 142. Co-sponsored by the Departments of Italian and TDF, the Africana Studies Program, Ware College House, and the Central Pennsylvania Consortium.

  • Decolonizing Tribal Environmental Health: Making Environmental Science and Policy Work for Indian Nations. Darren Ranko, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Coordinator of Native American Research, University of Maine. Common Hour lecture, 11:30-12:35, November 10th, 2016. Co-sponsored by the Department of Anthropology, College Library, Public Health Program, the Center for the Sustainable Environment, and the Edwin D. Eshleman Endowed Lectureship.