The Office of Student Affairs Mission

The F&M Student Affairs Division contributes to the foundation of an inclusive student-centered campus that embraces lifelong learning and continuous improvement. We provide services and programs that: promote good health and wellbeing, enhance student learning and develop diplomats (e.g., the leaders and citizens we need for a strong future). Through our work, we further the College's mission of graduating students who will live fulfilling lives and contribute meaningfully to their occupations, their communities, and their world.

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Meet Our Division

Office of Student Affairs Staff Directory

All professional staff members listed under the Office of Student Affairs can be found here. Specific department heads are listed within the College main directory or within their department's directory.

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Areas of Responsibility

The Student Affairs division of the College encompasses all aspects of student life outside the classroom. Departments range from Athletics & Recreation to The Ware Institute for Civic Engagement to Faith & Meaning. 

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Policies & College Life Manual

The Office of the Student Affairs maintains the College Life Manual which describes the College's campus policies. Students should familiarize themselves with the policies within this document. You will find the most up to date version here.

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Divisional Working Groups 


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Professional Development

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