The AWG mission is to support OSA and it's departments in assessment related to the below Divisional Strategic Priorities and other Divisional initiatives
  • Strategic Priority Area: Empowering Success. All F&M graduates are ready for life after college having successfully developed learning and practical skills (e.g. teamwork and problem solving, information literacy, oral and written communication) that they are able to apply to their life and work.
  • Strategic Priority Area: Developing Engaged Citizens. All F&M graduates are inclined to make a positive contribution to their communities having successfully developed personal and social responsibility skills (e.g. civic knowledge and engagement, intercultural knowledge and competence, ethical reasoning and action, foundation and skills for lifelong learning).
  • Strategic Priority Area: Promoting Wellness. All F&M graduates can holistically thrive after college having successfully developed appropriate health and wellbeing attitudes and behaviors.


  • Tammy J. Halstead, Ed.D., Director of Alumni Advising and Development (Chair, AWG)
  • Jeffrey M. Stoudt, Associate Director of Athletics & Recreation for Compliance & Student Athlete, Health & Welfare (Member, AWG)
  • Chris D. Alexander, Director of Institutional Research (Member, AWG)
  • Partnered with the Center for Opinion Research to develop and administer Spring 2020 and Fall 2020 Student Experience Surveys 
  • Analyzed student experience survey data and presented results and recommendations to OSA and Presidential leadership team
  • Developed OSA Dashboard
  • Crafted future plan to expand AWG membership
  • Served in consultative capacity with OSA departments as they crafted goals related to Divisional strategic priorities