What is the Stanley Craig Memorial Award?

 Presented to a member or members of the student body judged by a faculty committee to have demonstrated the highest qualities of personality, character and involvement; characteristics esteemed by the faculty.
Stanley Craig Award Recipients 

2021 Makaila S. C. Ranges

2020 Anastasiia D. Grigoreva

2019 Brandon M. Davis

2018 Shakeyla Flores

2017 Donnell K. Bailey

2016 William W. Hamersly

2015  Vicky Rodriguez

2014  Anita V. Asiedu

2013  Akbar Hossain & Alexis R. Teevens

2012  Mona Lotfipour



2011  Robert L. Briggs & Chelsea D. Schein

2010  Shawn M. Jenkins & Madeleine S. Jolles

2009  Aditi Malik

2008  Laura B. Michaels

2007  Layne S. Amerikaner & Jennifer J. Preston

2006  Rachel A. Ward LaForgia

2005  Eranda R. Jayawickreme & Jared W. Policicchio

2004  Michelle S. Lui

2003  Meridith M. Kelsch

2002  Oladipo M. Ashiru