Supporting Our Students


Faculty & Staff Guide to Supporting Students: Need some ideas on how to support a student, but don't know how to bring up your concerns or where to refer them for the issues they are facing? Use this guide to learn tips on having difficult conversations and what to do/not to do for various student situations.

Creating a Culture of Care in the Classroom: Practical Tips for Faculty from Active Minds

DipCares Faculty & Staff File Folder Guide:  What to look for in students in distress, FAQ's on mandated reporting, and helpful campus resources.

DipCareKit Archive Spring 2020: Helpful advising tips and other student support resources via the Faculty Center



Referring a Student To Dipcares 

Here's a simple guide to which reporting process you should use if you have concerns for a student. Generally, if there is no immediate risk to self or others, and the student has not violated a college policy, refer the student to Dipcares using this form

  • DipCares Flowchart