Utilize the Social Change Model of Leadership (SCM) to truly create a common language of leadership within the F&M student community and Division of Student Affairs.


  • Meade Clendaniel, Assistant Football Coach
  • Melissa Giess, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs and Weis College House Dean

  • Lucy Gillichbauer, Director of the Office of Student Engagement and Leadership

  • Meghan Kelly, Research and Emerging Technologies Librarian

  • Ryan Luke, Assistant Baseball Coach

  • Beth Throne, Associate Vice President for Student and Post Graduate Development

  • Lisa Wolfe, Director, The Ware Institute for Civic Engagement

  • Amy Zylberman, Acting Director of the Klehr Center for Jewish Life


Campus Offerings 

August 2020 | Controversy with Civility FPS Workshop

  • Tools to support our work with student groups

January 2021 | Student Affairs Book Group

  • Grit  by Angela Duckworth



 January 2021 | Building Better Leaders (BBL) Workshop Series

    Topics and Activities Included: 

  • What is Leadership?  Your Talents & Strengths
  • Controversy with Civility
  • Values Auction
  • Human Thermometer