Utilize the Social Change Model of Leadership (SCM) to truly create a common language of leadership within the F&M student community and Division of Student Affairs.


  • Melissa Giess, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs and Weis College House Dean
  • Meghan Kelly, Content Services Librarian

  • Evan Birch, Assistant Director of Alumni Relations

  • Hillen Grason, Dean of Admissions

  • Margaret Hazlett, Vice President and Dean of Student Affairs 

  • Beth Throne, Senior Associate Dean of Student Affairs

  • Lisa Wolfe, Director, The Ware Institute for Civic Engagement

  • Lauren Packer Webster, Director, Athletics and Recreation 

  • Stephanie Kessler, Director of Student Engagement and Leadership 


Campus Offerings 

  • Building Better Leaders (BBL) - consider participating in F&M's Building Better Leaders (BBL) program, or hosting a leadership development workshop.  a five-week leadership development program for first-year through senior students that draws upon the Social Change Model of Leadership (SCM).  BBL participants will learn how to motivate groups around a common purpose, facilitate controversy with civility, affect significant social change, and improve confidence while developing strong leadership competencies. The BBL program runs each semester, with various meeting times and sessions open for students to sign up. 
  • F&M Works Students- a selective program designed for students to explore their understanding of personal and social responsibility through contributing to the community by working as an intern at a local nonprofit organization, engaging in meaningful discussions with a cohort of like-minded students about values, belonging, community, and leadership, all within the context of exploring the common good. The College pays all students. 
  • F&M Collegiate Leadership Summit- an in-person two-day program that provides selected delegates an opportunity to develop their leadership skills at F&M. Delegates will interact with members of the F&M community and experience life in a selective liberal arts environment while participating in leadership-oriented workshops and group activities. Delegates will also demonstrate their leadership skills through workshops about the F&M college application process.
  • HA Keystones- a way to get residents gathered by coming up with ideas for fun events to do as a group. 
  • Alumni Leaders of Tomorrow (ALOT) - engages junior and senior leaders on campus to be future leaders of the Franklin & Marshall alumni network. This program serves to educate active and interested students about the life of the College and the importance of engagement and volunteerism.