Foster the development of professional staff across all stages of tenure with the College aligned with the College’s and Student Affairs Division’s student success mission and strategic priorities

  • Amy Faust, Learning Support Specialist 

  • Beth Throne, Senior Associate Dean of Student Affairs 

  • Courtnee Jordan-Cox, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs and Roschel College House Dean

  • Douglas Adams, Associate Dean of Students

  • Lisa Wolfe, Director, Ware Institute for Civic Engagement   

  • Melissa Giess, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs and Weis College House Dean 

  • TBD, Care Coordinator

  • Stephanie Kessler, Director of Student Engagement and Leadership 

  • Sue Mennicke, Associate Dean for International Programs  

  • Joseph Pritchett, Director of  Faith and Meaning 

  • Lorelei Byer, Housing Coordinator 


Spring 2023 Professional Development Programs 

  • January-March Leadership Book Group
    •  "Mastering Community" - Christine Porath 
  • February 27
    •  "Building Community and Navigating Difficult Conversations with Productive Dialogue" - Class of '00 Sarah Pharon, Dialogic