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Expert faculty and alumni sharing noteworthy experiences with members of the F&M family in the regional community. Join us by listening to the pre-recorded programs listed below, and find enrichment in the company of fellow Diplomats.


Small Screen, Big Laughs

Listen to Jen Danielson ’95, senior vice president of digital at Comedy Central/Paramount Network/TV Land, about the evolving landscape of professional comedy. Danielson started her career at iconic television shows Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock, and now leads Comedy Central’s digital team. 

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A Guide to Collecting in the "Antiques Capital USA"

Hear from antiques expert John Chaski '09 about the history of collecting in the United States. Discover what makes our region unique in this industry, and come away with practical advice that will enrich your next antique shopping expedition. John Chaski provides a historical overview of Pennsylvania’s antiques trade. 

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Banned From Baseball

“Banned from Baseball,” the first play by Patricia O’Hara, a Franklin & Marshall English professor, examines the contested ruling by then Major League Baseball Commissioner Bart Giamatti, a former Yale University president. This playbill has been added to the Hall of Fame's Library Collection.

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