• Donnell Butler
Senior Associate Dean for Planning and Analysis of Student Outcomes



Office: OSS


Donnell Butler is a Pahara-Aspen education fellow and the Senior Associate Dean for Planning and Analysis of Student Outcomes at Franklin & Marshall College (F&M). At F&M, Dr. Butler facilitates strategy, integration, and evaluation of college activities that improve student access, transition, and success. Before F&M, he directed research and development of background survey questionnaires for the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) at Educational Testing Services (ETS). Previously, he served as: a joint American Education Research Association (AERA) and ETS post-doctoral fellow working primarily on the NSF-ITEST funded College Ambition Program at Michigan State University; project director in Princeton University’s Office of Population Research for the Ford Foundation-supported Campus Life in America Student Survey; evaluation specialist for the Princeton University Preparatory Program; coordinator of the Goldman Sachs Foundation-supported Opening Doors and Paving the Way Forum for increasing college access and success for talented low-income students; senior policy research analyst at APPRISE Incorporated; senior business advisory services professional at Ernst & Young; and intern with the White House's Office of Communications Research. He earned his B.A. in business administration and sociology from F&M and his Ph.D. in sociology from Princeton University.

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Alexander Monelli's F&M Alumni Spotlight: Donnell Butler '95


Public Features of Efforts at F&M:


Ph.D. Princeton University, Sociology, 2009


B.A. Franklin & Marshall College, Business Administration (Accounting) and Sociology, 1995

  • Williamson Medalist, Magna Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa



  • Postsecondary Education (College Access, Transition, and Success)
  • Educational Policy & Politics 
  • Research, Evaluation, & Assessment in Schools 


  • Education
  • Sociological Practice and Public Sociology
  • Stratification and Inequality
  • Research Methods

"I work to empower individuals and communities to better themselves and the rest of humanity through education and civic engagement. I engage and encourage others to obtain and exchange empirical as well as experiential evidence that can be used to improve human capital development in the United States and beyond." - Donnell Butler

Grants & Awards

2014. Pahara-Aspen Education Fellowship: Cohort 9

2002. Princeton Woodrow Wilson Scholars Fellowship Prize, 2002-2003

2002. American Sociological Association, Race, Gender, and Class Section Graduate Student Paper Award

2002. Marvin Bressler Graduate Student Teaching Award, Princeton University

1998. National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship Award, 1998-2001


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