• dorothy merritts
Harry W. & Mary B. Huffnagle Professor of Geosciences, Weis College House Don



Office: HAC121D

Exhibits of Nineteenth Century Mills and Dams

Using the exhibits

These exhibits are online maps that allow users to view and query data that were compiled from historic maps and documents to determine the extent of impacts from post-European settlement water-powered industry on eastern United States rivers and streams.

  • To select items for display: click items in the lists to the right of the map and the items meeting that criteria will display.
  • To select multiple items for display: CTRL+click multiple items in any list.
  • To determine number of any type: the numbers next to list items show how many items of that type exist in the current display.
  • To zoom: use the + and - controls in the upper left of the map area.
  • To pan: click and drag the map.

United States Census of 1840 (The Sixth Census)

Pennsylvania Maps

Maryland Maps