3 Majors:       Environmental Studies  Environmental Science 

Environmental Studies

Humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences combine to examine how humans interact with, and impact, the environment around them. Students focus on issues like global warming, alternative energy sources, wilderness protection, and natural resources.   

Study the environment from diverse perspectives

Environmental Science

Environmental Science uses an interdisciplinary approach to investigate environmental issues. Cutting-edge field, laboratory, and computing equipment are used to evaluate and solve environmental problems within a societal context. Contacts with local, state, and national professionals enhance the program.

Make the Earth your classroom


​Geosciences emphasizes the dynamic processes that shape our planet, looking at the minerals and rocks that comprise it and the interdisciplinary study of the Earth’s surface and interior. This major has a proven track record, consistently ranking among the best undergraduate programs in the country.           

Field-based learning around the world

What's New


Story 11/29/2017

Thomas Named Fellow to National Science Association

The American Association for the Advancement of Science has named Franklin & Marshall’s Roger D. K. Thomas as one of its Fellows.

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National Monuments Need Protection

De Santo discussed “Unraveling Teddy Roosevelt’s Legacy: America’s National Monuments Under Threat” at the College’s Nov. 30 Common Hour. 

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Why study the Earth and Environment at F&M?

F&M offers diverse opportunities in studying the physical sciences... 
Physical Sciences at F&M
Why a career in the Earth sciences? Hear what the American Geological Institute has to say...
Why Earth Science?

The Pulse

September 24
event 9/24/2019

Faculty Writers: Eve Bratman

Writers House Reading Room

Eve Bratman is Assistant Professor in the Department of Earth and Environment. She is a political...

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October 03
event 10/3/2019

Good Trouble, Necessary Trouble: #MeTooSTEM and Disrupting...

Mayser Gymnasium

BethAnn McLaughlin, Ph.D. Founder, MeTooSTEM BethAnn McLaughlin will speak at Common Hour on the...

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October 10
event 10/10/2019

Stand Up That Mountain

Mayser Gymnasium

Jay Leutze Trustee, Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy Born in Virginia in 1964, Leutze...

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Story 9/13/2019

F&M Geoscientist Helps Confirm Early Human Ancestor...

To help determine the age  of a newly discovered 3.8-million-year-old fossil that brought worldwide attention, an F&M geoscientist was enlisted to examine igneous rock from the region where it was...

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Story 9/3/2019

Students Map, Study Live Volcano in California

A Franklin & Marshall student-faculty research team work around Mount Shasta in northern California to map igneous flows and study molten materials just beneath the earth. 

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Story 7/2/2019

National Science Foundation Awards Tech Infrastructure...

 The National Science Foundation recently awarded Franklin & Marshall College a $400,000 Campus Cyberinfrastructure grant to continues to build state-of-the-art technology resources that...

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