3 Majors:       Environmental Studies  Environmental Science 

Environmental Studies

Humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences combine to examine how humans interact with, and impact, the environment around them. Students focus on issues like global warming, alternative energy sources, wilderness protection, and natural resources.   

Study the environment from diverse perspectives

Environmental Science

Environmental Science uses an interdisciplinary approach to investigate environmental issues. Cutting-edge field, laboratory, and computing equipment are used to evaluate and solve environmental problems within a societal context. Contacts with local, state, and national professionals enhance the program.

Make the Earth your classroom


​Geosciences emphasizes the dynamic processes that shape our planet, looking at the minerals and rocks that comprise it and the interdisciplinary study of the Earth’s surface and interior. This major has a proven track record, consistently ranking among the best undergraduate programs in the country.           

Field-based learning around the world

What's New


Prof. Dorothy Merritts elected to National Academy of Sciences

The National Academy of Sciences recently elected Dorothy Merritts, the Harry W. and Mary B. Huffnagle Professor of Geoscience in Franklin & Marshall College’s Department of Earth and Environment.  

Learn more about Prof. Merritts distinguished honor

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Darwin Day 2023

In celebration of the life and ideas of Charles Darwin, join F&M in Mayser Gymnasium on Thursday, February 16, at 11:30 am for,  “On the Origin of Species: Historical and Biological Reflections on A Paradigm-Changing Text,” to be presented by Dr. James Strick, Professor, Program Chair of Environmental Studies, Program Chair of Science, Technology...

Darwin Day at F&M 2023

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Common Hour - Annual Bradley R. Dewey Award Lecture
Story 11/17/2022

2022 Bradley R. Dewey Award Lecture: Carol de Wet

Carol de Wet, Professor of Geoscience Department of Earth and Environment 

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Story 5/4/2022

Leading Environmental Expert from F&M Elected to National...

The National Academy of Sciences recently elected Dorothy Merritts, the Harry W. and Mary B. Huffnagle Professor of Geoscience. 

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Story 4/13/2022

F&M Rocks Annual Geological Society Meeting

Student presenters, faculty and alumni organizers, and an alumnae keynoter rocked the 2022 Geological Society of America’s meeting for the North East Section this year.

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