3D Modeling and VR

  • Using a collection of photographs, drone footage, and/or ArcGIS data, we are able to generate high-resolution models of objects/structures in both lab and field settings.  Below is an example of some preliminary work done on Viking ruins during a Hackman funded trip to Greenland.

Databases available to F&M community

GPS Related Hardware and Software
- Trimble GeoXH 2005 GPS receivers with Zephyr external antennas
- Trimble GPS Pathfinder Pro XRPro XRS Mapping Systems
- Trimle GPS Analyst for ArcGIS
- Trimble Pathfinder Office 4.1
- Multiple Magellan and Garmin hand held GPS units
- Leitz Set 3 Total Geodetic Station with electronic field notebook and plotting software

GIS and Related Software
- ESRI ArcGIS ArcView v9.3 with Spatial Analysist and 3D Analyst
- ESRI ArcGIS ARCINFO with Spatial Analyst and 3D Analyst
- Multispec (Remote Sensing Image Analysis/Mac)
- MathWorks MATLAB 2008 with Statistics Toolbox
- Bentley Systems MicroStation V8i with Descartes, InRoads Survey, InRoads Site
- Golden Surfer Software
- Adobe Creative Suite

Computers and Facilities
GIS Classroom - 20 Dell computers available for classes and research