Evex MiniSEM 3000

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Our Evex Mini Scanning Electron Microscope 3000 was purchased with generous support from the Sherman Fairchild Foundation in 2012. Students and faculty image a diverse variety of materials ranging from ultra thin metal films to holocene diatoms, tertiary fossil leaves to miocene sponge spicules.

 Examples of student research projects that used the SEM include:

  • Sunderlin, Kimberly - Diagenetic Alterations in Carbonate Glacial Lake Sediments; Hardin County, Ohio
  • Rownad, Mark - Reactive Gas Mixtures in Glow Discharge Spectroscopies
  • Dietrich, Jeffery - Glow Discharge: The Effects of Solution-Deposited Anions on a Silver Cathode 
  • Seeds, Katherine - Study of an unusually sulphide-poor Copper porphyry deosit in northern California
  • Frey, Holli (Honors) - The Origin of Meter-Scale Submarine Cavities and Herringbone Calcite Cement in the Ledger Formation, York, Pennsylvania