F&M We place student learning at the center of our work. The Department shares the F&M commitment to providing an integrated learning environment whereby students engage with the values of the liberal arts not only through the curriculum but also outside the formal classroom. Our programs and activities guide and support students as they explore a love of learning, the skills of critical thinking, and the role of citizenship in their lives.

Summer Field Work

  • Geology field camp for academic credit (YBRA is a popular choice)
  • Keck Geology Consortium projects
  • Work with professors on grants funded by the National Science Foundation and other agencies

Research and Employment During the Academic Year and Summer

Funding for Travel and Research

  • Funds administered by the Department and donated by alumni
  • College Committee on Grants funds
  • College summer travel awards

Social Occasions

  • Study carrels for majors within the Department
  • Student lounge for studying together or just chillaxin'
  • Regularly scheduled talks by professionals from academia and industry
  • Annual Boots n' Suits party
  • Beginning and end-of-year picnic
  • Earth Science Family Night
  • student-run Earth and Environment Society
  • student-run Environmental Action Alliance, and Fair Trade Cafe
  • student-faculty reading group

Life after F&M

  • individuals with an F&M email address are welcome to visit ENE Life after F&M for resources and information